Anupam Kher Turns Chef; Prepares Anda Bhurji

Anupam Kher has had a busy Sunday in the kitchen. In a latest reel posted by the veteran actor on Instagram, he can be seen whipping up some delicious anda bhurji, which he insists he wants to prepare with his own hands. 

The reel shows the actor standing at an omelette station in what appears to be a hotel adding some chopped onions to a pan and stirring the sizzling mix saying that he wants to enjoy a dish of egg bhurji that he has prepared. A chef adjusts the heat under the frying onions to help out, adding a bit of chopped tomatoes and some butter to this mix.

The actor known for his incredible craft, can be seen saying in the reel that he has decided to be brave and make the bhurji in front of a talented host of chefs. The video also features the actor addressing several children as he mixes chillies and eggs into the pan and can be seen serving the popular egg dish onto a plate.

This 'amateur chef' will soon be seen portraying the role of Rabindranath Tagore in what will be his 538th project. While his acting abilities are known far and wide, he is also a great foodie as evidenced in this culinary exercise of making the crowd favourite egg bhurji. Tell us in the comments below what your favourite egg recipe is and whether you enjoy egg bhurji by itself or with bread!