Anupam Kher’s Traditional Gujarati Thali Looks Delish
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, The actor's food cravings are endless.

Anupam Kher is a jolly and bubbly personality in the film industry who has given some remarkable performances on screen. Behind the screen, you would find him being his quirky and fun self and doing what he loves the most, i.e., eating. We remember the time he went to Shimla with his brother, Raju Kher, to revisit old childhood memories and ended up recalling the restaurant where they used to eat samosas.

Currently in Ahemdabad for work, the actor was seen making the most of his time in the city by devouring a huge Gujarati thali with a friend. He posted a video of the thali on his Instagram stories. The steel thali consisted of a host of Gujarati curries, topped with sev and gathiya. There was rice, papad, dhokla, samosas, mint-coriander, and tamarind chutney. For sweets, there was a jalebi kept in the centre of the thali.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Anupam Kher

In the background, one could hear Anupam’s commentary, where he highlighted that he’s enjoying a Gujarati thali in Ahemdabad. He even wrote "Gujarati thali" in Hindi on the video. While this was definitely droolworthy, it isn’t the first time that the actor has given us major cravings. Time and again, when he visits his mother's or brother’s house, we see him indulging in authentic Kashmiri food.

The happiness on his face after eating all that food is quite evident and is proof enough to know how big a foodie he is. Moreover, he also has a sweet tooth, as one could see him trying different pethas in Agra and hovering over the dessert section at five-star buffets.