Anupam Kher Has His Heart In Kashmiri Food, Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, The actor loves Kashmiri cuisine

Your love for native food never gets old. This definitely holds true for actor Anupam Kher, who never seems to leave the opportunity to dig into authentic Kashmiri food. Born and brought up in a Kashmiri Pandit household, the actor at times yearns for his native cuisine, and his brother Raju Kher’s wife - who cooks delicious dishes from the Valley - comes to his rescue. This time, it was another relative that satiated his foodie cravings.

Recently, Anupam was seen posting pictures of a lot of desserts in his Instagram stories and well, it was an overload of sugar for us too. However, we heaved a sigh of relief when we saw some savouries on his table at last. He uploaded a video on social media, panning all the dishes kept on the table and thanking “Neelam ji” for the lovely food. It was an authentic Kashmiri spread.

Starting from palak saag or haak (as it is called in Kashmiri), he moved on to the curries kept ahead. There was aloo dum and mutsch, a hot red gravy. For the unversed, mutsch is a traditional Kashmiri curry made with minced meat of goat. While it is deemed as a meatball dish, the shape of the meatballs is cylindrical instead of round, which makes it different from gustaba or rista. A dish of the royalty, the curry doesn’t use any onions and tomatoes. The whole spices lend the flavour, colour, and aroma to the gravy.

Next up, we see a bowl full of rogan josh, another classic dish from the fare. This red meat curry is made with special Kashmiri chillies and is slow-cooked so that the flavour of all the spices seeps into the mutton. Finally, there is a yellow creamy curry which we’re assuming is chaman kaliya, a paneer-based gravy. Looking at all this authentic fare has definitely tickled our taste buds, just like Anupam’s.

However, this isn’t the first time that we’ve spotted him digging into Kashmiri food. Earlier, he was at Raju’s house for dinner and was seen enjoying kebabs, biryani and a host of curries made by his sister-in-law.