Anne Hathaway’s Cupcake Hack Is A Lifesaver; 3 Recipes to Try
Image Credit: Source: Screenshot of Anne Hathaway's Instagram post

Whenever we think of a little treat, cupcakes are one of the first things to cross our minds. The cute little delights never fail to woo us to take another bite to satiate our cravings. The soft and spongy cakes topped with a melt-in-the-mouth whipped cream and some rainbow sprinkles/choco chips are enough to leave us drooling throughout the day. However, it often gets quite difficult for us to eat a whole cupcake without making a mess out of it. Fret not. Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has got us covered with an easy hack to eat cupcakes without getting our hands dirty. Here's how.

Anne recently made an appearance on the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’, where she mentioned that she has discovered a new trick to eating cupcakes at a party at her friend’s house during the Omicron wave. She revealed that this hack is one of the best ways to eat a cupcake without getting one’s hands and nose dirty. The actress then proceeded to demonstrate the trick. She took a cupcake, split it into two parts and made a sandwich with the frosting in the middle. While demonstrating the same, the actress said, “And then you have a sandwich, and you don't get frosting up your nose”. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? So, here are three cupcake recipes for you to try at home.

1. Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate-flavoured desserts are an all-time hit. And chocolate cupcakes are a delicious option when it comes to a delicious treat. Perfect to have any time of the day, chocolate cupcakes are all things delicious and gooey.

2. Apple Pie Cupcakes

Apart from being extremely nutrient-dense, apples have a great flavour and texture that makes them quite versatile to be incorporated into a variety of dishes - starting from sweet to savoury. And how about savouring an apple-flavoured

3. Keto Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you are thinking of trying the keto diet, you must be aware of the restrictions that one has to go through to follow it effectively. However, this red velvet cupcake is keto-friendly and is an absolute saviour when cravings hit hard.