Angad Bedi: What I Eat In A Day
Image Credit: By Special Arrangement

ANGAD BEDI is neither a “tea-” nor a “coffee person” — he identifies as both. This simple detail about the Ghoomer actor offers an insight into his personality: if tea is an indelible part of the ritual that defines his mornings, then coffee is his comfort beverage when he’s immersed in the hustle and bustle of the set. What might his preferences for both beverages in specific situations signify with respect to his attributes as an individual? Probably that he’s adaptable — and versatile, says Angad. 

Catching up with the actor for Slurrp’s weekly ‘What I Eat In A Day’ feature is an exercise in temptation as Angad lists all of his favourite foods. They’re mostly dishes from his mom’s kitchen — and his mother-in-law’s. From his mother’s repertoire, Angad says “rajma chawal, her legendary egg roast and chicken roast, and caramel custard” deserve special mention. When having a meal prepared by his mom-in-law, it’s shepherd’s pie that gets the most kudos. 

As someone who has straddled the worlds of sports, food and glamour, Angad’s approach to matters of diet is illuminating. “I strive for control and intentionality. Home-cooked meals take precedence. On set too, I meticulously plan my meals,” he elaborates. Many of his peers may have embraced intermittent fasting, but the actor says the practice doesn’t work for him. “My rigorous training regimen of sprinting and gym sessions means I need consistent nourishment,” Angad explains.

His mantra then, is mindfulness… and finding the sweet spot between nutrition and taste. He has a straightforward credo: snacks are ear-marked for when he needs quick energy bursts, while the three main meals of the day have to provide a good mix of flavours, textures and nutrients. “I prioritise my health and vitality from the moment I wake up,” he says. 

Angad takes us through what he consumes at every stage of the day: “The first ritual of my morning involves a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in warm water. A short while later, I savour a cup of tea, gently easing into the day's rhythm. Depending on the demands of my schedule, breakfast varies. If I have a sprinting session planned, I have a hearty carb-loading meal. On leisurely days, my breakfast is more elaborate: oat-based pancakes, egg whites, black coffee…”

Since his favourite protein is fish, he gets in a serving at lunchtime. Red meat or egg may make an occasional appearance. Broccoli is a must, and sometimes, a helping of pulses. Towards 5-6 in the evening, dates and walnuts, accompanied by a cup of coffee, fuel the final hours of Angad’s workday. And then, it’s time for dinner: six egg whites and a portion of fish, with a garden-fresh salad on the side. “I’m mindful of cholesterol, so I abstain from egg yolks,” Angad notes.

While he tries to ensure his diet remains as healthy as possible, Angad admits there are “pockets of indulgences”. Diet Coke, mango cheesecake, chaat — these are what he’d give in to all the time, if he could. Instead, he makes do with the periodic bit of chocolate or dairy-free ice cream. Even as he keeps these cravings in check, Angad recognises that it’s a function of being human to want to give in. The credo in this case then? “To actively work towards moderation,” the actor concludes.