Now imagine this situation, you are in the mood to cook something special today. But as soon as you start the preparation, you find some ingredients missing in your kitchen. Now, what to do? As your menu is almost ready and your guests are about to reach home. Does this problem sound more significant? Of course. But, please don't panic, as today we are telling you some easy tips, by which you can get out of any such problem.

Do you know the most crucial kitchen skill? It's adaptability. Moreover, the listing below is intended to substitute ingredients. Of course, each alternative might not work in all cases, mainly when it's about baking. Still, if you think about the ingredient’s quality, cook time, flavour and make choices as per zest, you will significantly extend your preferences — and you might even end up with a better recipe than the original.

Ingredient Swaps

  1. Chilli paste: If you do not have kashmiri chillies at home, you can instead use red or dry chillies. Make a paste-like kashmiri chilli soak the red or dry chilli in hot water for about twenty minutes. Now grind it, and the food will get red colour like kashmiri chillies.
  2. Baking cream: If you do not have baking powder at home, you can use baking soda and cream instead. Also, if there is a shortage of cream in the house, mix two-three tablespoons of butter in this cream and beat it well. Your thick cream is ready.
  3. Tomato sauce: Don't panic if you are out of canned tomato sauce. Just boil tomatoes in water for a few minutes. Then take out the peel of tomato and grind it with black pepper, sugar and salt. Your homemade sauce is ready.
  4. Pulse paste: If you make cutlets and do not have egg paste at home, use pulse paste instead. For this, mix the pulses in the batter, coat the cutlets, and fry them. Cutlets will be as tasty as it is made in egg batter.
  5. Whipped cream: If you do not have whipped cream for pudding or cake, you can prepare it by adding two to three tablespoons of icing sugar and any ripe or mashed fruit to the egg white.
  6. Peanut korma: If you do not have walnuts or almonds, you can also make peanuts like korma at home. For this, you have to fry the peanuts in a dry pan lightly.
  7. Raw mango: Are you planning to prepare tamarind fish or dal? But if tamarind is over at home, you can use raw mango instead of it.
  8. Semolina: To make the fish fry crispier, you can roll them in cornflakes powder or semolina if you don't have breadcrumbs at home.
  9. Chilli sauce: If you have run out of chilli sauce at home, don't panic, you can make it at home too. For this, mix garlic, dry chilli, vinegar, then add oil, black pepper, salt, tomato sauce and grind it in a mixer. Your chilli sauce is ready, and you can store it in the fridge for a long time.

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