Aloo to Tamatar, 6 Lip-Smacking Chaats From India

Indian street-food has a separate fanbase. From North to South, every region has a particular set of street food enjoyed not just by the localities but people from across India. Visit a busy market in India and you will find a vendor selling the local street-food. Among the most loved street-foods in India is chaat. This simple blend of spices, veggies and chutneys is a beautiful amalgamation of flavours and is too delicious to handle. But how was chaat created?  

Chaat is famous all over the world. If a person knows about Indian street-food, he must know about chaat. It comes in so many varieties, interesting flavours and an even interesting history. If some food experts are to be believed, chaat was created in the Mughal kitchen of Emperor Shah Jahan. The story goes back to the time when Shah Jahan was the ruler. Once, the emperor fell ill and he was asked by the hakeem to have food which is light but flavourful and spicy as to boost his immunity system. 

In order to create something similar for the emperor, the Mughal chefs came up with chaat. This story may or may not be true but what is true is that chaat is absolutely delicious and irresistible. Chaat comes in so many types and varieties in India. Right from tamatar chaat to palak patta chaat, let us take you through 6 delicious chaats from the streets of India. Here you go! 

Tamatar Chaat 

If you have been to Banaras even once, you know what tamatar chaat is. This delicious chaat has tomatoes cooked with boiled potatoes and a plethora of spices. It has nuts like cashews and poppy seeds. It also has tamarind water, aamchur and saunth chutney which enhances the flavour and makes it worth a try. 

Palak Patta Chaat 

This crispy and tangy chaat has spinach leaves fried and topped with spices and chutneys. It could be served as a teatime snack as well as a party appetizer. First, spinach leaves are fried and drizzled with beaten curd, spices, masalas as well as chutneys. When topped with pomegranate seeds, this chaat becomes irresistibly delicious. 

Aloo Chaat 

Delhi special Aloo chaat has so many fans. This humble chaat has cubed potatoes topped with red chili powder, cumin powder, black salt, amchur, coriander chutney, tamarind chutney and saunth chutney. It is a perfect amalgamation of sweet and tangy flavours and is very easy to make. If there is an impromptu party or get together at home, this is what you should try. 

Samosa Chaat 

Samosa is the soul of Indian street-food. But can this fried snack be transformed into a tangy chaat? YES! When topped with beaten curd, spices, chickpea curry, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, pomegranate seeds and bhujiya, this chaat becomes too delicious to handle. Once you taste this samosa chaat, you will never look back to your regular samosas. 

Papdi Chaat 

This popular chaat variety has crispy fried puris drizzled with curd, spices and chutneys. Believe me or not, this chaat is among the most popular chaats across India. Papdi or crispy fried disc is the star ingredient in this chaat and when garnished with sev, it can show you a really good time.

Ghugni Chaat 

Kolkata could be a heaven for street-food lovers. The ghugni chaat of Kolkata is quite famous, thanks to its vibrant flavours. One of the most iconic street-foods from Kolkata, Ghugni chaat comprises of peas gravy topped with spices, onions and sev. Ever tried this chaat? 

Which of these chaats have you tried? Do let us know!