How To Make Fruit Chaat: 4 Flavorful Recipes For Every Chaat Lover
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image by @arorarahat

We Indians have a love affair with street food. For us, chaat is the one thing we can never get enough of. Be it anytime of the day, we never have to think twice before indulging in the lip-smacking flavours and deliciousness of a bowl of chaat. Chaat is one of the popular street foods that comes from the family of savoury Indian snacks. Being an instant mood booster, we are craving this delightful snack endlessly. Isn’t fruit chaat everyone's favourite? This variety is prepared by tossing a medley of fruits in sauces and spices until all the flavours mingle with each other. Being the healthiest and quickest chaat to make, it is quite versatile too. We can pick any fruit and mix it up with the rest of the ingredients to rustle up a bowl of fruit chaat in a jiffy. The fresh fruit juices that dribble down our chin and the spicy flavours that tickle the taste buds is the reason fruit chaats are loved by millions. Here are four tantalising fruit chaat recipes that will blow your mind.  

1. Delhi Style Fruit Chaat 

Delhi is known for its mouth-watering street food. If you haven’t got a chance to try our capital’s street food, try out this recipe. With it’s indulgent flavours, you will surely be transported on the streets of the city.

2. Stylish Fruit Chaat 

Desire to make your fruit chaat extra stylish and flavorful? This is a unique version of fruit chaat with a bunch of luscious fruits thrown together on a stick. 

3. Green Gram Fruit Chaat

Satiate your cravings by devouring a bowl of green gram fruit chaat that is loaded with fruits and spices you won’t be able to resist. Sprinkle chaat masala over the top for an extra touch of flavours.  

4. Shakarkandi And Singhara Fruit Chaat

Add this shakarkandi and singhara fruit chaat to your winter diet before this season ends. It is totally delicious and wholesome.