Aloo Paratha In Amritsar: History, Types And Top 5 Locations
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Nestled in the heart of Punjab, Amritsar is not just a city; it's a culinary haven that beckons food enthusiasts from far and wide. From kulcha to lassi to parathe, this city has everything to offer to foodies who want to try true, authentic Desi food. The ghee, the butter and the malai – everything in this city screams indulgence. And amongst all these delicious treats, there is a dish that stands tall – it is our very own breakfast favourite aloo paratha.

The journey of Aloo Paratha in Amritsar is intertwined with the city's rich history and cultural heritage. As a symbol of Punjabi hospitality, it has been served in homes and eateries for generations. From the humble beginnings of a spiced potato filling encased in unleavened dough, Aloo Paratha has evolved into a beloved culinary masterpiece. The paratha here is as delicious in dhabas as it is in the homes of people who have been eating and preparing the dish for centuries.

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Before looking at the history and top spots to have aloo paratha in Amritsar, let us look at the types of stuffed parathas you can enjoy.

Gobhi Paratha: This paratha is made with a stuffing of finely grated cauliflower mixed with spices like turmeric, red chilli powder, and garam masala. A filling gobhi paratha is one of the best breakfast meals that you can have. It goes well with achaar.

Paneer Paratha: Paneer bhurji is the star of this paratha. The crumbled paneer is combined with spices, herbs like cilantro, and sometimes green chillies for a mildly spicy and creamy filling. Paneer Parathas are rich, satisfying, and popular among both kids and adults.

Methi Paratha: Methi, or fenugreek leaves, are used to create this nutritious paratha. The leaves are finely chopped and mixed with whole wheat flour, spices, and sometimes besan. Methi Parathas are known for their slightly bitter and earthy flavour. Pair it with a mildly spiced aloo ki sabji.

Dal Paratha: Dal Paratha is a unique variation where leftover cooked dal is used as the stuffing. The dal is usually seasoned with spices, and sometimes onions and herbs are added for extra flavour. These parathas offer a wholesome and protein-rich option, perfect for a hearty meal. Enjoy it with plain dahi. 

Keema Paratha: Filled with chicken or mutton keema, this non-vegetarian stuffed paratha is for meat lovers. Made with atta or maida, this delicious flatbread goes best with mint chutney or a cooling raita to balance the flavours.

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History of Aloo Paratha

Tracing the origin of paratha, we go back to our ancient texts. The earliest mention of the dish is in a book named Punjab, which was published under the Sultans during 1000-1526 AD. The writer of the book Nijjar mentions that the dish as very popular amongst the Punjabi aristocrats and it was a commonly cooked dish during that period. From that time till now, many things have changed but Punjab’s love for paratha has remained the same.

5 Spots to Have Aloo Paratha in Amritsar

Kesar da Dhaba

With many delicious dishes like lacchha paratha, saag and baingan ka bharta, Kesar da Dhaba is a must-visit spot when in Amritsar. Eating here will tell you what a true plate of Punjabi food tastes like. Their aloo ka paratha is delicious and filling.

Bharawan da Dhaba

One of the best places in Amritsar that sells amazing pure vegetarian food, this place is popular among both seasoned locals and newbie tourists. From creamy and rich dal makhani to big, butter laden aloo parathe, you have to eat at this place to get the hype.

Pal da Dhaba

This humble, little hole in the wall place might be easy to miss but it is sure to make an impression once you have tried the delicious food here. Known for a variety of non-vegetarian dishes, Pal da Dhaba as the most wholesome parathas too.

Kulcha Land 

Like the name suggests, this place serves the best kulchas in town. But their menu is not just restricted to kulchas. The different kinds of parathas served with lassi is also a highlight of this famous restaurant. Try both – the kulcha and paratha here.

Brother’s Dhaba

Located near the golden temple, if you are looking to have a hearty veg meal in Amritsar, when this place should be on your must visit list. Not only is the food delicious, but the portion size is also great for people who are running on a budget. Try the aloo paratha here along with dal makhani and paneer butter masala.