Aloo Kachori: Start Your Day On A Crispy Note With This Yummy Breakfast Recipe
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Weekends call for indulgent breakfast and we didn’t make the rules. There’s something about a Sunday that makes us crave all things fried and crispy, like Chole Bhature, kachoris, Bedmi puri et al. Kachori is a deep-fried snack that actually has many avatars around the country. In the eastern side of the country, say in UP and Bengal, Kachoris looks a lot like a stuffed version of Puri. This ‘Kachori’ dates back to ancient times. In Banaras, when people would take a dip in the Ganges, they would often head to the street-side shops for their plate of Kachori and Sabzi, the tradition is alive till today, only now, the shops and the queues, both have increased considerably. Kachoris in Rajasthan and Harayana take a slightly different turn, the Kachoris here are much crispy, flaky or as they call it ‘khasta’. The recipe is more or less the same, you stuff the atta with the masala, and deep fry the kachoris, but it is how you prepare the dough, that makes all the difference.  

‘Khasta Kachoris’ can have a variety of fillings, ranging from lentils, onions to Mawa. The potato filling is something you associate with the Kachoris of east or the softer kachoris. However, in this recipe, you find the best of both worlds. The spicy, tantalizing potato and peas mixture inside a flaky crust. This deep-fried pastry has indulgence written all over it, and to make it even more memorable, it is suggested that you pair it with a fiery potato curry, because in India, we can never have too much of potatoes, can we? In case, you do not have the time to prepare a curry, you can simply serve them with chutneys and onions too.  

Preparing these aloo kachoris may seem daunting at first. Your Kachoris may even break while frying and that could be because the dough you have prepared is not binding. This is why it is advised to add a pinch of oil to the atta when you start to make a dough. Fry the Kachoris on medium heat to ensure they are cooked evenly from the inside as well.

Make these Kachoris soon and let us know how you liked them.