All About Malaika Arora’s "Killer Combo" Of Achaar And Papad
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, She loves ghar ka khana and little foodie joys.

Finding joy in the little things in life, Malaika Arora can be seen either working out or eating on most days. Having been a great proponent of yoga and a healthy diet regime, we saw the Bollywood celebrity rejuvenating in the Himalayas with her mother and sister, Joyce Arora and Amrita Arora. She followed a humble Sattvik diet there, and we were amazed.

However, this time, what brought us to her Instagram stories was the killer combo she posted over the weekend. On Sunday, Malaika was sitting at home enjoying the day with some achaar and papad by her side. Yes, you read that right. The lady who loves dining at fancy restaurants is also a huge fan of Ghar-ka-khana and little desi knick-knacks like this one. While pickle and papad are not a novel combination, she paired her crispy treat with an amba and haldi pickle, i.e., mango and turmeric.

Source: Screengrab of Instgaram Stories/Malaika Arora

It looked absolutely delicious, and she captioned it, "Killer combo." Next up, we saw something that tickled our sweet tooth. She posted a picture of what she believes to be the "prettiest and tastiest strawberry pie." The creamy pie had layers of strawberry peeking out in star shapes. If we said that it didn’t make us drool, we’d be lying.

Now, these are some of the rare days when we see her with something sweet because it is usually a savoury dish that she’s devouring at most times. From an Italian grub filled with pasta and pizza to a desi feast full of either Maharashtrian thecha, pav bhaji, etc., or Punjabi delights like makki roti, saag, dal makhani, pindi chole, and more.