Wait, Is Tea The Secret To Malaika Arora’s Fab Skin And Body?

Few can argue that Malaika Arora is indeed one of the fittest Tinseltown celebrities of our times. But again, hasn’t she always been fit and fabulous? Ruling our TV screens and hearts since the 90s, Malaika is an inspiration to many. She hits the gym frequently, eats clean, and whenever she is in the mood to indulge, she doesn’t hold back. Remember her recent binge spree in France? And yet, she looks more radiant than ever. If only we could steal some of her diet secrets. While she is yet to divulge her complete diet, she does keep giving us a sneak peek into what she eats or drinks during the day on her Instagram.

On Tuesday morning, Malaika took to the photo-sharing app and gave us a little insight into her ‘morning ritual’. Like us, Malaika also starts her day with a steaming cup of tea, except, it is sans milk and sugar. You can also replace sugar in your tea with a hint of honey. It not only makes your tea sweeter, but also enriches its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and other vital nutrients. On the table, we also spotted a fresh wedge of lemon, and a cup of hot water.  

Now, it is not just Malaika but several people who swear by the miracle potion of hot water, lemon, and honey in the morning. The combination is said to do wonders for detox. It also kick-starts your metabolism. 

Since it is a low-cal drink, it serves as a good morning drink to aid your weight-loss goals. Staying hydrated is a key component of a sustainable weight-loss journey, but in doing some we must also be very mindful of the liquid calories. Sugary shakes, smoothies, flavoured milk and tea are wholesome, but also packed with calories. If you are really looking for results, maybe you should give these low-cal, ‘steaming’ options a try.