All About Anushka Sharma's ‘Breakfast Date’ In England
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Do you meet people over breakfast? Probably, not very often, right? It is quite an underrated meal when it comes to catching up with friends or family, let alone going on a date. Usually, it is lunch or dinner that is the most popular meal when it comes to socialising. But the idea of meeting up over the morning meal has been getting a lot of attention lately. Be it over chole bhature with lassi or croissants with coffee, a breakfast date can be a great time to catch up.

Picture this: a plate of yummy pancakes, eggs or simply some crunchy toast beside your favourite brew of coffee. Interesting, isn’t it? And you know who else is a fan of breakfast dates? Anushka Sharma. The actor-producer recently decided to ditch the usual lunch or dinner plans and go on a breakfast date in England. However, it wasn’t her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli, but with her parents. And taking to her Instagram, Anushka shared a couple of pictures from her breakfast table, including that of a host of sumptuous delicacies. Take a look at the post she shared:

 "Breakfast date with the parents," she captioned the post. Sharing four pictures from her yummy breakfast date in North Yorkshire, where the actor is currently training for her upcoming role as a cricketer. Her parents - Ajay Kumar and Ashima Sharma - seem to have paid a visit to her in England, and so she took them out on an amazing breakfast date. 

The cosy restaurant seemed to have comforting interiors and an expansive menu to choose from. Pictures of dogs and cats adorned the walls, and knowing Anushka’s love for them, she had to share their pictures. She enjoyed a wonderful cup of black coffee, while her parents seem to have had orange juice and kombucha tea, as we could spot in the pictures. Anushka also shared snippets of what else the restaurant offered, and we could see almond croissants, sourdough bread, along with some other fruit breads and muffins in the picture.  

Well, Anushka is definitely a breakfast person, as this isn’t the first time we’ve caught her gorging on some coffee and croissant in the morning. Recently, when she was in Paris, known to be the home of the French croissant, Anushka shared a picture of herself biting into the yummy treat, along with a customary cup of coffee. "When in Paris .. eat many croissants," she wrote in her click. Take a look:

With this, the actor has definitely showcased her preference for wholesome breakfasts, and if you too are in the same boat, we’ve got some yummy breakfast recipes right here to try.