What?? Fruit Wale Chole Kulche? Read To Know More

Chole Kulche is a quintessential street food that has captured the hearts of Delhiites. Any tampering with this dish is considered a culinary sacrilege by its ardent followers. Imagine discovering a hidden gem in Ghaziabad where a skilled vendor has been perfecting the art of creating delectable Chole Kulche infused with the goodness of fresh fruits for three decades. The video went viral on social media, let's see how it's been treated by netizens.  

What's the dish? 

The online realm has become a hub for gastronomes, where certain amalgamations rule the highest, while others fall short of expectations, and a few leave a less than desirable aftertaste. From unique culinary experiments with the fusion of exotic fruits and classic Indian flavours. With some unusual and crazy blend of Fruit Chai, Roohafza Golgappa, and Chole Bhature Ice Cream. And now, with the latest addition to these gastronomic experiments - Fruits with Classic Chole Kulche. How it's gonna treat the food lovers, that time will tell.  

The viral video shows how the vendor shares his 30-year-old tradition of preparing Chole Kulche with freshly chopped apples and bananas. He believes that this addition lends a distinctive taste and flavour to the dish. This dish features a delectable combination of fresh fruits and chole, enhanced with aromatic spices and served alongside buttery kulche. To balance out the flavours, it is accompanied by a refreshing boondi raita and additional fruit garnish. 

Our attention was immediately drawn to the amusing comments of online users regarding this odd fusion. One user commented ‘’Pehle jamane me log bhook se marte the. Aaj k jamane me log KHA KHA k marenge’’ another user noticed the slightest detail and mentioned ‘’Apple pe sticker or kisi ne notice kra ? 🤔. What are your thoughts on this matter? Would you be willing to sample this Fruit Chole Kulche that's 30 years old?