What Are Viral Black Noodles That Left Desi Netizens Confused?

Whenever we start scrolling the internet, we come across so many food trends from not just India but different parts of the world. Right from unique recipes to bizarre food combinations, we have seen a lot of stuff. While some of the trends helped us, some confused while some shocked us. One such video recently went viral on social media and triggered reactions of the netizens.  

In the video, a woman was seen making ‘unique street food’ from Thailand. You must be thinking what made this video viral, right? Well, it was the black coloured noodles that the woman was making. Desi netizens couldn’t take this and barged with so many reactions. Some were shocked while some were totally disgusted. An Instagram page named ‘Our Collection’ posted the video of a woman vendor cooking black spaghetti in Thailand. It was seen in the video that the woman was frying not-so-common black coloured noodles with spices, vegetables and other ingredients in a pan containing chilies, onions, shrimps and basil leaves. Now, this was something unique for the desi netizens and they were actually disgusted. 

                          Image credits: Our Collection/Instagram

Disgusted and grossed because some thought that they were worms, some thought those noodles to be tiny snakes, thanks to their appearance. The Instagram post also got flooded with so many reactions and comments from the people. A user commented ‘venom noodles’ while other stated ‘ye mujhe chote saanp ke bache lag rahe hai’. While some labelled it as ‘rubber’, some claimed it to be a type of insect. However, another user commented that these were actually the black squid ink pasta.  

What do you think? Are you going to taste these black noodles anytime soon? Do let us know!