Add A Tang To Your Summer Diet With These Lemon-Based Dishes

It’s that time of the year again and we can feel the heat in the air already. Summers are finally here and we can clearly sense that this year’s not going to be easy. As the temperature is rising, it's extremely vital for us to take utmost care of our health. The heat and humidity drain all the energy from our body, leaving us dehydrated during the day. However, if we ask Indians about their way to deal with the summer season, most of them will say by drinking shikanji or nimbu paani. Yes, that’s how important lemon is when it comes to dealing with summers. High in Vitamin C, fibre and numerous other nutrients, lemons are quite an important part of our summer diets. However, it's time to move over the regular shikanji and try some delicious lemon-based dishes this season. Here are five options you can try.

1. Lemon Bundt Cake

Enjoy a spongy, light and moreish cake post-dinner with this Lemon Bundt Cake. The cake is filled with the goodness of lemons and is a great way to end a scorching summer day. You can top this cake with a simple icing or a ganache for more flavours.

2. Greek Yoghurt Lemon Bars

Kickstart your summer days with a healthy, filling and delicious breakfast with this Greek Yoghurt Lemon Bars recipe. Easy and quick to make, these lemon bars are irresistibly flavourful and worth trying.

3. Ginger-Spiced Lemonade

Ditch your regular lemonade this summer and try this Ginger-Spiced Lemonade that is all things refreshing and delicious. The chilled lemonade paired with the spicy punch of ginger is surely one of the best additions to your summer diet.

4. Lemon Chilli Ice Cream

The punch of lemon when combined with chillies creates a flavourful sensation in our palates and we surely relish it. So, how about trying this combination in an ice cream? Sounds exciting enough? Moreover, you’ll have a flavourful and delicious ice cream to savour at home this summer.

5. Baked Lemon Chicken

Jazz up your usual baked chicken for dinner with this Baked Lemon Chicken recipe. The tender and succulent chicken paired with the zingy lemons, butter and garlic will surely leave you asking for more. Moreover, the sweetness of honey makes this dish a true celebration of flavours. So, what are you waiting for? Try this baked lemon chicken tonight and let us know how you like it.