Actor Sonu Sood Treats New ‘Roadies’ Contestants To Punjabi Samosas
Image Credit: Instagram @sonu_sood

Actor Sonu Sood would be taking over as the new host of MTV India’s adventure-reality show ‘Roadies’. This is the first time in seventeen years, that the show will not feature actor and ex-Roadies winner Ranvijay Singha as the host. Sonu Sood has already shot for a couple of episodes with the contestants in South Africa. There are also a couple of BTS clips from the show that are doing the rounds on social media, one of our favourites has to be where the actor is offering the contestants some fresh Punjabi samosas, in the rainbow nation. “Are tum log bhi kya yaad karoge ki swagat mein humne samosa khilaye the (maybe you’ll remember one day that these samosas were your welcome treat), Sonu can be heard saying as he takes the tray full of samosas around. In this clip shared by @etimes_tv Instagram page, contestants seem to enjoy the samosas a lot, along with the stunning weather of South Africa.  

Samosa is one of India’s much-beloved snacks. It is a triangular pastry, made of maida, and is often stuffed with a mixture of spicy potatoes or keema. Incidentally, samosas are not Indian by origin. They are said to have been brought over by Persia, where a similar snack named ‘sambusak’ is still as popular. During the medieval era, the snack travelled to India, and delighted the nobility and common folk alike. In India, samosas has been reimagined and refashioned in many ways. If Bengal’s samosas are small in size, made with minced potatoes or mutton, Gujarati samosas also have a bit of sweet in them. The Punjabi samosas make use of large potatoes, that have been roughly chopped and cooked with a  mixture of spices, chillies and sometimes even paneer. They are stuffed inside a dough pocket and sealed from the edges, to make a triangular structure. These are then deep-fried in oil and served hot with a selection of chutneys.  

It is fairly easy to make these samosas at home too. And once you get a hang of these, you would be making them rather frequently. Try out this recipe and let us know how you liked it.