Actor Chhavi Mittal Shares What She Eats In A Day
Image Credit: Chhavi Mittal/ Instagram

Actor Chhavi Mittal is a popular name in the Hindi television industry. She is the founder of Shitty Ideas Trending, a YouTube channel that makes short videos on the day-to-day lives of modern couples. She is a cancer survivor and fitness enthusiast. She often receives praise for her fitness, and fans ask her about her diet preferences. Taking to Instagram, the actor recently shared what she eats in a day.

Since diet is a crucial part of staying fit, Chhavi Mittal prefers to eat healthy meals. She eats at least 5-6 times a day but in small portions and tries to maintain a good balance between protein and carbohydrates. Here are all the dishes that helped Chhavi overcome health ailments, lose postpartum weight, and beat cancer.

Pre-Workout Meal (7.00 am)

Chhavi Mittal prefers to exercise in the morning. She starts her day with a pre-workout meal, which is usually a glass of smoothie packed with nutrients. She blends bananas, soaked dry fruits, Greek yoghurt, whey protein, creatine, and cocoa powder. Not only is the smoothie loaded with protein and antioxidants, but it also tastes delicious and helps her to keep overcoming cravings. 

Breakfast (10.00 am)

For breakfast, Chhavi Mitta prefers a wholesome meal that gives her body a boost of energy. This includes organic papaya, sabudana khichdi, two boiled eggs, and a concoction of hemp seeds, chia seeds, and kokam. While sabudana khichdi boosts her energy levels, the combination of seeds and eggs provides much necessary protein to her body, and papaya has antioxidants that boost her immunity.

Lunch (2.00 pm)

Around 2.00 pm, the actor goes for lunch. She prefers light meals that can keep sleepiness at bay. Her meal includes khichdi, cucumber, and chicken cutlet. While khichdi is considered good for digestion, cucumber adds to hydration, and chicken cutlet provides protein and satiates hunger. 

Picture Credit: Chhavi Mittal/ Instagram

Evening Meal (4.30 pm)

In the evening, Chhavi Mittal prefers to munch on snacks. However, she eats something that helps her beat hunger pangs without killing her appetite for dinner. The snacks include dry fruits and nuts, an almond butter sandwich with honey, and a banana. All these options are healthy and prevent a person from reaching out for unhealthy snacks like chips or finger fries.

Dinner (7.00 pm)

Around 7.00 pm, the actor eats her dinner. She does not prefer late dinner, which is considered good for the digestive system. The actor eats salad, two ragi roti, and fish curry. Ragi is associated with weight loss and contains a high amount of fibre that can regulate bowel movements. Salad is lightweight to digest, and fish curry, apart from being delicious and flavourful, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.