Ace The Dhaba-Style Dal Makhani With These Easy Tips
Image Credit: Source: Spice Wise/Facebook

Mention comfort food in front of Indians and you’ll surely hear someone stating dal makhani. The Punjabi dal delicacy is absolutely flavourful, aromatic and delicious to pair with rice or any Indian flatbread. 

Hailing from Odisha, I was not very familiar with dal makhani since childhood. My tryst with the flavourful lentil dish began when I went to Delhi. On my first day in Delhi, I went to a dhaba in Old Delhi and ordered butter naan along with dal makhani. The dal in the rustic brass bowl topped with a generous amount of makkhan looked appetizing enough for me to dig in. As hungry as I was from the tiring journey, I started eating without even waiting for a minute. And trust me when I say this, I gave a sigh of satisfaction in the first bite itself. 

The soft and fluffy naan and the creamy, irresistibly delicious and buttery dal makhani were enough to tug at my heartstrings. Since then, I eat dal makhani at least once a month for sure. However, after returning from Delhi, it took me a few tiring attempts to make the perfect dhaba-style dal makhani at home. Hence, to help you relish the same at home, here are some easy tips you need to keep in mind. 

1. Use whole urad dal and soak them ahead of time to reduce cooking time. 

2. It is always advised to use fresh sauteing ingredients. It is better to use fresh ginger and garlic paste instead of packaged ones. 

3. Use fresh tomato puree instead of canned or store-bought tomato paste for better flavours.

4. Use fresh white onions for sauteing for the best flavour.  

5. Saute the kasuri methi with the onions, ginger and garlic instead of garnishing them later. 

6. Use a ladle to mash the lentils after they’re cooked to make them creamier. 

Do follow these tips the next time you cook dal makhani at home. Don’t forget to follow the recipe and let us know how you like it.