Aamras Tops List Of Best Dishes With Mango; Chutney In Top 10

Like most other global food lists celebrating Indian dishes, two more additions to the List of Best Dishes with Mango features aamras reigning supreme at the first rank. The sweetened mango pulp preparation, which is a summer delicacy in India, is typically enjoyed as a beverage or relished with deep-fried puris. Following this, the khatta-meetha mango chutney also made it to the top 10 list in fifth place. Occupying the second and third position on the list were Thailand’s mango sticky rice and the sorbetes from Philippines respectively.

In addition to this, an extension of the list which includes a total of 20 dishes in all also had the Bengali aam dal at rank 13 and the Maharashtrian amba at rank 17 – putting a total of 4 Indian dishes in the top 20. Receiving plenty of support and positivity at the ranking, netizens shared their appreciation for the simple yet delicious mango-based preparations that had made it to the list for this year. While the mango chutney is a quintessential condiment made with both, raw and ripe mangoes, the aam dal is a sweet and sour preparation that is best enjoyed with some rice.

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Made using a base of moong dal and raw mangoes, the aam dal derives its distinct flavour from the use of mustard oil. On the other hand, the Maharashtrian amba is a savoury spin on the mango chutney – with a smoother consistency and made using raw mangoes, vinegar and chillies. The blended sauce is used as a condiment that accompanies meals, can be enjoyed as a marinade or even to drizzle over a salad to instantly perk up flavour.