Aamras And Poori; A Match Made In Heaven
Image Credit: Aamras poori/ Instagram- sugar_n_ice_by_rae

It is the time to have some chilled Aamras and fight off the summertime blues. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, it is a tradition to serve plain mango pulp with pooris for breakfast. Aamras Poori, which is also thought of as a dessert, is likely to be loved by people from all backgrounds. For all mango lovers, this recipe is a true joy. It tastes finest when chilled. Antioxidants such quercetin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, gallic acid, and methyl gallate are found in mangoes. All of these qualities guard our body against leukaemia, breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. Mangoes are an ideal fruit that aids in lowering high cholesterol levels since they include a high quantity of vitamin C, fibre, and pectin. Mango enzymes aid in the body's protein content breakdown. They are also high in fibre, which promotes healthy digestion and helps ward against many stomach-related illnesses.


When making this aamras dish make sure that the mango pulp is not too liquid as thick mango pulp tastes the best. This dessert dish is easy to carry and suitable for road trips and picnics. This mango recipe is not only fantastically tasty but also tremendously calming during the hot, muggy summers. It is impossible to describe the flavour of chilly aamras with piping hot pooris. Gujaratis adore this dish, which is typically made in Gujarati homes. You won't be able to stop yourself from eating this Aamras Poori recipe since it is so tasty. It is a perfect blend of sweet chilled aamras and savoury hot pooris. This comfort food is perfect to take away your summer glooms and will soothe your inner cravings.

Here's how you can make aamras and pooris



1. 4 large mango

2. 2 tablespoon powdered sugar

3. 1 cup milk

4. 20 strand saffron


1. water as required

2. Salt to taste

3. 1 cup wheat flour

4. 1 1/2 ml refined oil



1. Wash and clean the mangoes (Alphonso) in a sink filled with cold running water before preparing this wonderful Aamras dish. After cleaning them with a clean cloth, peel and chop them.

2. Blend the mango pulp, milk, and powdered sugar.

3. Now add the saffron strands to the blending jar and keep blending until the mangoes are smooth.

4. Add milk to the aamras to thin it down. However, make sure that the Aamras don't get too thin.

5. Add the aamras to a dish and refrigerate it for 15-20 minutes. Garnish it with some saffron strands and serve chilled.


1. Add wheat flour to a dough-kneading plate along with two pinches of salt. Mix well before adding water. Make a firm dough for the Poori.

2. Then, place a kadhai over a medium flame and spread the pooris out. Deep fry the pooris when the oil is hot enough, then serve them hot with cooled Aamras.