Amid all the magical moments that are created by the restaurants and cafes, locals have a fond love for some quintessential local treats. I am not surprised that the search for really delicious local delicacies that amaze our senses have led us to the metropolis of Mumbai. The food culture baffles the oldest of immigrants who have lived in the city for years. Living in Mumbai is a good kind of assault on all senses, especially sight, smell and taste. Though akuri, bun maska, vada pav and chaat are the greatest examples of that, here’s one amazing treat that is lesser heard of by non-Mumbaikars — aamras puri, or simply ‘raspuri’. Word is that the iconic combination has been around since the year of Independence, though many places have introduced it on the menu only in recent decades.  

‘Aamras’ is nothing but pureed mango made from the best quality of mangoes especially alphonso, and served cool. Aamras is not too sweet, but has a rather tangy flavour. That’s the ideal way it should be! When served as a dessert, aamras also has some cardamom powder, and it is topped with dry fruits. When served as a meal, the deep-fried puris along with aamras are a really delicious breakfast game-changer.  Aamras puri is only available during the mango season in summers, so Mumbaikars wait all year round for it. When it comes to mangoes, Indians hold them really close to their heart. No wonder that it is called the ‘king of fruits’.

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Tourists often come to the city from all over the world, but upon arrival, find that the city is not set in its ways, but rather in a state of transit and evolution. If you want to try a local delicacy, then trying aamras puri in Mumbai definitely deserves a spot on your list. It is also very popular in Gujarat.

Food is a fiercely wonderful part of Mumbai's culture and is shaped by different cultural forces. The huge mix of Parsi cafes that still hold favour in spite of the changing fabric of the city, the variety of street food that beckons out to locals in dreams, the amazing new food joints that are out to put the city on the world map. 

Known for so many unique qualities, aamras puri is one of the hidden gems of Indian cuisine that you shouldn’t miss.