Aam Panna To Panakam Recipes: Top 7 Indian Drinks For Summer
Image Credit: Neha Dua/facebook

Summer is already at our doorstep, and we have started collating some cooling recipes to beat the heat. It is the season to give up heavy and fatty foods and switch to light and refreshing dishes. There are many seasonal ingredients to spruce up our summer diets, such as lauki, cucumbers, melons, and mangoes. These foods not only protect us from the unbearable heat but also keep us energized for the whole day. 

It is also important to keep ourselves hydrated during this season to be safe from heat stroke and other health hazards. Due to excessive sweating during the summer, our body tends to lose water at a faster pace. Always keep a water bottle with you whenever you go out, and there are many traditional beverages as well that can replenish you during the scorching heat. Made with simple ingredients, these drinks can refresh your soul with just one sip.

From aam panna to panakam, here are seven Indian drinks to beat the heat this season:

Aam Panna  

Also known as aam jhora, this raw mango drink is known for its cooling properties. It is popular all across the country, especially in the state of Maharashtra. Aam panna is made by blending unripe mango pulp with cumin and mint leaves. It is prepared in two ways: either with boiled mangoes or fire-roasted mangoes.

Jal Jeera 

This simple drink is made using cumin powder and water. All you need to do is roast the cumin seeds and blend them into a coarse powder. Mix it with water, mint, lemon, and a few spices to enjoy. Jal jeera also helps in curing digestive problems, especially during the summer.


Chaas, or buttermilk, is a popular summer drink made with curd. It has two versions: plain or with masala. Masala chaas are prepared with a few spices like ginger, cumin powder, and chillies. This cooling and refreshing drink is also low in calories and keeps your digestive system healthy.

Sattu Sharbat 

This iconic drink from Bihar has the capacity to keep you cool even on the hottest day of the season. Made with roasted chickpea flour, sugar, and water, it is packed with protein and is very refreshing. You can also add chopped onions, coriander leaves, and lemon juice to make it more flavourful.


Similar to chaas, lassi is a traditional Punjabi drink. This creamy yoghurt-based beverage has many variations; the classic ones are sweet, salty, and masala lassi. It can be combined with other ingredients, such as mango, mint, banana, and avocado, to enhance the flavour.

Kokum Sharbat 

Kokum sharbat is a classic cooler from the Konkan region. It is made from kokum, a sweet and sour fruit. The fruit is soaked in water and then cooked along with sugar, cumin, cardamom, and black pepper. It is very popular in Goa during the summers, as this thirst quencher helps protect your body against dehydration.


Panakam is a very old traditional drink that originated in South India. It is made with lemon juice, jaggery, ginger powder, cardamom, and black pepper. This cooling drink can be found in almost every South Indian household during the summer. Panakam is specially prepared during Ram Navami in this region. And other variants of panakam include musk melon, as that is the fruit of the season too.