Top Summer Mockatils By Mixologist Pawan Chand Rajwar
Image Credit: The Weekend Wine And More, Refreshing summer mocktails

Lemons are one of the most common ingredients that are used for making refreshing mocktails during the summer. Since they belong to the citrus fruit category, they contain Vitamin C and many minerals, which keep the body hydrated. Other than this, mint leaves are also widely used to add freshness and flavour to your concoctions.

From watermelon to lime and litchi, each mocktail is made with a few ingredients yet tastes delicious. Watermelon is a popular summer fruit, which is high in water content and the natural sugar adds to the flavour of any concoction. Litchi is another seasonal fruit that can be incorporated in your summer mocktails. Apart from drinking litchi juice, you can pair it with other ingredients to make a mocktail. here are a few yummy and refreshing mocktails shared by mixologist Pawan Chand Rajwar from The Weekend- Wine & More.

1.  Spicy Dice  

Spicy Dice is a refreshing citrus mocktail prepared by the "muddle and shake" method. As the name suggests, the delicious concoction has a spicy kick to it which is due to the addition of green chilli. The citrusy flavour of lime juice pairs really well with pomegranate and the chilli. 


    120 ml sweet lime juice

    1 green chilli 

    15 ml pomegranate syrup

Source: Spicy Dice/The Weekend-Wine & More


    Muddle the green chilli in a shaker.

    Add fresh lime juice and grenadine syrup to it.

    Shake it well.

    Pour in a hurricane glass and garnish with green chilli and dehydrated sweet lime.

2.  Blue Sea  

It is a clear mocktail prepared with limited ingredients using the build-up method, i.e., by adding all ingredients one by one.  The blueish hue is lent to it by blue curacao, which is a liqueur made from laraha orange. The mocktail is so beautiful that you won't be able to take your eyes off it. 


    15 ml of lime juice

    120 ml of litchi juice

    12 ml of blue curaçao


    Add fresh lime juice to a champagne flute.

    Then, pour in the litchi juice, followed by the blue curacao.

    Finally, garnish the drink with a lemon and cucumber slice.

3.  Watermelon Mintini  

It is an all-time summer favourite. It is very basic yet really refreshing and is prepared using the build-up method. A water-rich summer fruit, watermelon chunks go into the making of this refreshing mocktail. Add to this some lime juice and sugar syrup and enjoy.


    100 g of watermelon

    15 ml of mint juice

    15 ml of lemon juice

    15 ml of sugar syrup

Source: Watermelon Mintini/The Weekend-Wine & More


    Add a few mint leaves and watermelon chunks to a tall glass.

    Add a sweet and sour mix to this, and then add crushed ice.

    Pour soda over it and garnish it with watermelon.