A Nutty Affair: 6 Unique Ways To Add Almonds To Your Cocktails
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Almonds are nutritious nuts that are used in a host of culinary items, including savoury gravies, salad dressings, and desserts, such as cakes and brownies. Their subtle yet impactful flavour ensures that almonds blend well with different types of foods and drinks without overpowering them. One somewhat unconventional pairing of almonds is with alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Almonds have commonly been used as cocktail garnish; but beyond being a mere garnish, almonds can also be added to cocktails in several creative ways.

These ways include mixing cocktails with almond-based syrups as well as adding a splash of almond-flavoured liqueur to them. Bartenders and mixologists have taken to almonds as cocktail mixers because these foods have to the ability to transcend a drink from a mere cocktail to an impressive drink that is bursting with complex flavours and textures. Almond-based cocktails have an appealing, somewhat nutty taste that is guaranteed to delight the taste buds of cocktail enthusiasts by offering something fresh and invigorating.

Check out six unique ways in which you can add almonds to cocktails.


Amaretto is an iconic almond-flavoured liqueur that is a fixture in several renowned cocktails, including the amaretto sour and the Godfather cocktail. Owing to its sweet and almond-forward taste profile, this liqueur serves as an excellent accompaniment to various types of drinks, regardless of whether they are simple or complex. Splash your cocktail with a helping of amaretto and enjoy a nutty concoction that is brimming with sweet and inviting flavours.

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Almond Bitters

Up your cocktail prowess with the use of almond bitters. These fragrant almond-infused bitters are known to add a surprising degree of dimension and character to cocktails, showcasing the nutty notes present even in the most classic drinks. Thus, almond bitters can be used to elevate the taste profile of a plethora of alcoholic drinks, from legendary concoctions, such as the Manhattan to more modern, present-day cocktails.

Almond Milk Mixology

Certain cocktails, including milk punch and chocolate martini use milk as one of their main ingredients. In such cocktails, it is recommended to substitute the conventional dairy version of milk with almond milk as the latter tends to imbue drinks with a lighter and nuttier texture. In this way, the inclusion of almond milk can add a fun spin to tried-and-tested drinks. Not only does almond milk uplift the taste of spirits but it also creates a smooth sensation for the drinker.

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Almond-Infused Syrups

Craft your own almond syrup by blending sugar and water in a pan and mixing them with a generous helping of crushed almonds. Simmer the mixture till it forms into a syrup, and subsequently, strain out the excess almond bits. This luscious syrup can be used to add sweetness to various cocktails, from favourites like the Old Fashioned to newer innovations, including the amaretto sour.

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Almond-Infused Spirits

Infuse almonds with any spirit of your choice; the method for doing so is quite easy. All you have to do is crush some almonds and add them to your desired spirit. This could be vodka, gin, rum, or anything you please. Subsequently, allow to spirit-almond mixture to rest for a few days to ensure the flavours blend well. Then, strain out the almonds and you’ll have yourself a superb almond-infused spirit that can be added to drinks to boost their taste profile.

Almond Garnish Varieties

Although this article stresses on the need to include almonds in cocktails beyond just as a garnish, there are several notable almond-based garnish variations. These include toasted almond crumbles, almond brittle, and remarkably, almond-stuffed olives. These garnishes are noteworthy as they increase the visual appeal of cocktails; they also add a lovely crunch to the drinks, making them texturally rich and indulgent. Thus, creatively crafted almond garnish cocktail variations can elevate the entire drinking experience.