A Comprehensive Guide To The Different Types Of Vodka
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Although Poland and Russia lay claim to the origin of vodka, the earliest documented production of vodka dates back to Russia in the latter part of the 9th century. The first known distillery was reportedly located in the Russian town of Khylnovsk; although Poland asserts its own history of vodka distillation back to the 8th century. The early spirit was derived from wine and resembled brandy more than what we now claim is vodka. Starting off with a single distillation process, distillers discovered the advantages of multiple distillations over time, resulting in higher alcohol content and improved quality of the spirit.

Pure Vodka

Plain vodka often forms the foundation of countless cocktails and serves as the unadorned canvas of the cocktail world. Crafted from grains or potatoes, pure vodka undergoes a number of meticulous filtration processes to ensure its purity. Defined by a subtle sweetness and smooth mouthfeel, with a typical alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%, plain vodka stands as the versatile base for classic drinks, such as the martini and can be also savoured neat or on the rocks.

Flavoured Vodka

The popularity of flavoured vodka has surged in recent years since these delightful spirits infuse regular vodka with an array of enticing flavours like vanilla, cherry and lime. Crafted by blending vodka with fruits, spices or other flavouring agents, these spirits deliver a twist on the classic vodka experience. Craft innovative cocktails or sip as it is to fully enjoy the infusion process of each flavour.

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Grain Vodka

Considered more budget-friendly than its counterparts, rye vodka offers a slightly different flavour profile, with hints of earthiness or nuttiness. Derived from grains like wheat or corn, rye vodka is available in various forms. While corn vodka is known for its sweetness, whole wheat vodka boasts of a slightly more complex taste. The ABV content of grain vodka is at 40%, making it perfect for shots or as the main ingredient in mixed drinks, such as vodka tonics or martinis.

Fruit Vodka 

While one might confuse fruit vodka with flavoured ones, they’re in reality, actually quite different. Made by fermenting and distilling various fruits like cranberries, raspberries and blackberries, the process of producing this type of spirit involves the selection of fresh fruits, which are then turned into vapour and condensed into fruit vodka. The duration varies, from a few days for apple vodka to a couple of weeks for blackberry-infused versions.

Molasses Vodka

Made from sugarcane molasses, molasses vodka offers a sweet-smoky flavour profile that makes it unique. With an ABV of around 40%, it is perfect to down as a shot or mix into cocktails, like the Black Russian or White Russian. Due to its dominant flavour, using only a little goes a long way, making it a versatile choice for experimenting with classic cocktails like the Old-Fashioned or Manhattan.