Everything You Need To Know About Crafting Candy-Infused Vodka
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The concept of candy-infused spirits may seem outlandish at first but they’re ideal beverages for those with a passion for desserts as well as mixology. Additionally, candy-infused spirits serve as cool and wacky gifts, particularly when party hosts need to devise funky favours for guests. Candies are cherished not only for their sweet flavours but also their vibrant colours, which are subsequently transferred to candy-infused spirits, making for visually enchanting beverages.

Vodka, being a mild and versatile spirit, is known to blend extremely well with candies. As an added advantage, the infusing method is quite easy, and can be mastered in no time. This article will dive into several components of infusing vodka with candies. These include exploring tips for preparing candy-infused vodka and showcasing the technique through which candy is infused in vodka. 

Tips For Crafting Candy-Infused Vodka

For beginners to the world of candy-infusion, it’s recommended to opt for a mid-tier vodka. That way, even if your first attempt at infusion goes awry, you won’t feel a massive financial loss. However, ensure never to go for the extremely cheap quality vodka that comes in plastic containers. Additionally, don’t be too experimental in your first attempt at infusion. To imbue the drink with the best possible taste, stick to one tried-and-tested candy flavour rather than a host of flavours.

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Avoid using plastic containers for infusing candy in vodka. Use sturdier utensils, such as canning or mason jars instead. Also, analyse your candy well. While some candies dissolve in alcohol seamlessly, others don’t. For instance, gummy bears absorb alcohol quite easily, whereas hard candies require a longer duration for the same. Candy canes serve as especially decadent vodka infusions; but ensure to smash them first in a blender. Lastly, if you’re a fan of bubblegum, try crafting the flavourful Bubbletini drink, infused with vodka and bubblegum!

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Now, check out a simple technique for infusing candy in vodka.

Technique For Infusing Candy In Vodka

Most candy-vodka infusions can be done in a few simple steps. However, remember that these steps may need to be modified basis the spirits and candies in use. To start off, assemble the candies in a canning jar or a mason jar, and transfer the vodka over the candies in such a way that it fills three-quarters of the jar. Subsequently, shut the jar tightly and allow the mixture to rest for a short period of time. The amount and type of candies used will determine the resting time, which could range from two hours to even two days!

Now that you know the technique for infusion, try out this easy recipe to concoct your very own candy-infused vodka.

Recipe: Candy-Infused Vodka


1 bottle vodka

170 grams purple candy-coated fruit-flavoured chewy candy

170 grams orange candy-coated fruit-flavoured chewy candy

170 grams yellow candy-coated fruit-flavoured chewy candy

3 pint-sized canning jars with tight lids

3 flasks

6 coffee filters


Note that the below steps are to be replicated separately for each type of candy mentioned in the ingredients.

Step 1: Introduce the candy in the jar and pour vodka over it.

Step 2: Cover the jar properly with the tight-fitting lid and shake it thoroughly for about 20 seconds.

Step 3: Let the concoction rest for approximately three hours, post which filter it until the beverage is completely free of any lingering residues.

Step 4: Refrigerate your homemade candy-infused vodka, and serve or savour the delicious drink, as needed.