A 113-Year-Old Bakery In Livonia Forced To Close Its Doors
Image Credit: Bakery | Image Credit: Pexels.com

Bakeries have been in existence since ancient civilizations, when grains were ground, mixed with water, and baked on hot stones. Over time, this rudimentary practice evolved into a sophisticated art, and bakeries became essential to daily life. From ancient Egypt's leavened bread to the Roman panis quadratus, baking has deep roots in human culture. 

Bakeries have been evolving at a rapid pace in today’s world. The new bakeries in the market are challenging the old ones, whereas the latter, owing to their fall in sales, are suffering from a financial crunch, ultimately forcing them to shut down. This is what happened with Awrey’s Bakery, which is 113 years old and located at 12301 Farmington Road in the Baltic country of Livonia. The bakery is sadly preparing to shut down its doors. 

This bakery, with a history of over a century, gained fame for its wide array of treats, including the renowned Long John Coffee Cake, Ripple Cake, windmill cookies, fruit squares, and scrumptious brownies. The announcement was made by the owner of Awrey’s Bakery, Minnie Marie Bakers, Inc. The cited reason was a combination of rising production costs and declining interest in sweets. In 2013, Minnie Marie Bakery acquired Awrey’s Bakery, which was facing financial hardships. However, without another buyer's help, the bakery’s future hangs in the balance. 

In 2005, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing factors including declining sales and increasing costs for dairy products, healthcare, and fuel. 

Minnie Marie Bakers’ CEO, Jim McColgan, expressed a commitment to revitalise the company in 2013 by planning for a financially stable enterprise, fostering a positive work environment, and maintaining the tradition of making quality products soon. 

In the filing, Minnie Marie Bakers stated that all 93 employees will be laid off, and "affected employees will not have bumping rights to positions on other plants operated by the company. Although the bakery at Livonia will cease production in September, it gives the customers an opportunity to savour their treats until October. Customer satisfaction after the bakery's closure isn’t the only lingering topic.