Got Achaar Oil? 8 Unique Ways To Whip Up Dishes With It
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The most convenient way to make a dish taste instantly better is by adding a bit of pickle to it. In India, there are multiple types of pickles that people enjoy, including mangoes, carrots and even cauliflower. These vegetables are seasoned with a lot of spices and mustard oil. Pickles generally have a very long shelf-life and can be enjoyed for a good 5 to 6 months if stored properly. The preparation of pickles includes the usage of a lot of mustard oil. 

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This mustard oil over time gets accumulated at the bottom of the pickle jar. While everyone likes eating the pickles, nobody uses the pickle oil, which is why it is eventually thrown away. But there are a lot of creative ways to use the leftover pickle oil and make other delicious dishes out of it. Here are eight ways through which everyone can use the leftover pickle oil at home.

* Pickle Mayo

The taste of the regular mayonnaise is quite bland. Instead of buying expensive seasoned and flavoured mayonnaise from the market, one can use the leftover pickle oil to add to the mayo and give it a flavourful taste. This instantly modifies the taste of the mayonnaise, and the pickled mayo can be used as a spread for sandwiches and burgers. This is perfect for people who like Indian flavours, even in dishes like sandwiches and burgers.

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* Salad Dressing

The oil left from the pickle can also be used as a salad dressing to turn the regular and boring salad into something exciting and tasty. Generally, people prepare salad dressing by mixing some spices and oil. The leftover oil from the pickle is a synthesis of exactly what one needs to prepare a salad dressing. It is often more flavourful than the regular salad dressing. The pickle oil will help provide layers of flavour to the rather boring salad, especially when one is making salads from green vegetables.

* Fried Rice

Frying leftover rice with some vegetables and chilli oil is a practice that is common in most Indian households. This helps in making the best use of the leftover rice creatively and deliciously. Next time, while making fried rice at home, one can simply take some pickle oil instead of using normal oil to sauté the rice. This will provide a delicious kick to the rice and make it a lot more appetising.

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* Achari Sauce

Aachari pasta or Achari sandwiches are a go-to order for a lot of people. Any type of Achari pasta or sandwich has delicious flavours of Indian spices along with pasta sauce and cheese. Instead of buying these expensive snacks from the market, one can simply make them at home by reusing the leftover pickle oil. Just mix some leftover pickle oil with tomato sauce or purée and add it to the sandwiches or the pasta, followed by cheese. This dish is going to taste better than anything from the market.

* Achari Hummus

Hummus is a mixture of boiled chickpeas, spices and lemon juice. Instead of adding so many different ingredients, one can simplify the process by just mixing some boiled chickpeas with pickle oil. Pickle oil serves the purpose of all the other spices and flavouring ingredients. This flavourful dip can be paired with a lot of other snacks, such as nachos, vegetable sticks, and pita bread.

* Marination 

Before grilling or pan-frying different types of meat, such as chicken, fish, and mutton, they must be first marinated properly to get the best taste possible. Different types of ingredients, such as spices, seasonings, and lemon juice, are mixed with curd to prepare a marination mixture for the meat. One can get rid of this hassle by simply adding a lot of pickle oil to the curd. Pickle oil is already synthesised with different types of spices along with lemon juice. It gives a great flavour to the meat and makes it taste delicious.

* Cooking Oil

Lately, a lot of flavoured cooking oils that are seasoned with different types of spices have been launched in the market. Just like the concept of garlic butter, these flavoured cooking oils help in adding even more enhanced flavours to the dishes. Instead of buying this expensive variety of flavoured cooking oil from the market, one can simply use the pickle oil that is already available at everyone's home. This can be used to prepare different dishes like soups, stir-fries and even for pan frying.