Leftover Pickle Oil? Here Are 5 Yummy Ways To Use It
Image Credit: Freepik.com

We, usually use raw oil for pickles as it enhances the flavour and helps in its quick preparation. Although what do you do with the remaining oil when the pickle gets finished? Many people throw away this leftover oil; they never use it again. However, you can use it in as many ways you want. Its use enhances the taste of food, and if you wish, you can also store it for reuse.

  1. Dough sticking to the pot: When the dough becomes wet, it starts sticking to the pot while kneading. However, after kneading the dough, it looks smooth and does not stick to the vessel. For this, apply the leftover oil of the pickle in your hand and then put it in the vessel. After this, knead the dough again; this won't stick to the pot.
  2. Leftover oil while making the paratha: Do you like to eat paratha for breakfast? So if you are preparing the stuffing, you can use the excess oil of the pickle. Likewise, many people like sattu paratha, so you can use pickle oil when preparing the filling. Apart from this, you can also use the leftover oil of the pickle for baking other parathas.
  3. Leftover pickle oil for marinating: Some people like the taste of pickle and the aroma, so they use it in every dish they make. You can use the leftover pickle oil to marinate chicken, fish etc., enhancing taste. Apart from non-veg, it can also marinate vegetarian foods like- mushroom, paneer, potato etc.
  4. Enhance the taste of chutney: Some people use natural oil while making chutney to enhance the flavour and look thicker. After grinding all the ingredients, use one teaspoon of leftover oil. If you want, you can also mix the two spoons of excess pickle oil in the mixer while grinding the chutney ingredients.
  5. Use it while serving kadhi: Kadhi-rice is one of the easiest dishes people often make once a week. To enhance the taste of the kadhi, you can mix a spoonful of mango pickle oil while serving.