8 Types Of Cocktail Glasses You Need In Your Collection

Cocktail drinking can be an elaborate affair. When it comes to crafting the perfect flavours, it takes a lot of finesse to perfectly balance out a drink with the spirits. But even if you get the recipe just right, many other factors determine how the final cocktail tastes. The garnishes, the temperature and even the type of glass you use can shape how your cocktail tastes, so it’s important to be prepared with all the right equipment when you make cocktails at home.

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When it comes to glasses, it’s easy to just pick out the first available glass to use, but the shape, mouth size and thickness of the glass all factor into how you smell and taste. So if you’re thinking about getting serious with your home mixology, here are a few cocktail glasses you need to add to your home bar collection.

Collins Glass

The Collins glass stands out as a versatile and frequently used cocktail glass. It features a tall, cylindrical shape with no taper, maintaining a straight profile along the sides. Some versions may exhibit a slightly curved bulge in the middle for decorative purposes. Typically, a standard Collins glass holds between 300 and 350 millilitres of liquid and ice, primarily used for serving drinks over ice.

Coupe Glass

The highly recommended cocktail glass is the coupe glass, especially for those who enjoy experimenting with home-made drinks. In modern cocktail bars, the coupe has surpassed the V-shaped martini glass as the preferred choice. It has a capacity of approximately 175 millilitres. Coupe glasses are ideal for cocktails served "up," having been shaken or stirred with ice and then presented chilled, without ice. The stem prevents the hand from warming the cocktail while sipping.

Highball Glass

Though highball and Collins glasses are often used interchangeably, there is a distinction between them. The highball glass is a slightly shorter and squatter version of the Collins glass. It maintains a tall, cylindrical, and narrow shape, similar to the Collins glass, but with a lower liquid volume—typically between 240 and 300 millilitres. It may also exhibit a slight taper to the sides.

Rocks Glass

Also known as a "lowball" or "rocks" glass, the old-fashioned glass is a short tumbler with a thick bottom. Typically used for short mixed drinks, including the renowned old-fashioned, served "on the rocks." These glasses hold between 175 and 240 millilitres. An old-fashioned glass is suitable for drinks prepared directly in the glass without the use of a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, usually served directly over ice.

Pint Glass

True to its name, the pint glass accommodates approximately a pint of liquid, commonly beer. Tapered outwards towards the rim, it widens at the top. Pint glasses hold 568 millilitres of liquid and exhibit variations in shape for different types of beers. They are frequently included in a Boston shaker set used by bartenders.

Shot Glass

The shot glass is a recognisable bar staple available in various styles and sizes. It serves for both straight shots and mixed shooters and can substitute for a jigger in measuring drink ingredients. Shot glasses typically hold 45 millilitres, while "short" or "pony" shots are around 30 millilitres. Some shot glasses have a capacity of 60 millilitres.

Hurricane Glass

The hurricane glass is a hybrid between stemmed and tall glasses, featuring a curvy and fluted design. It's commonly associated with tiki drinks and can hold around 568 millilitres of liquid. Used for drinks served on the rocks, frozen or blended drinks, or even those served chilled without ice. If a hurricane glass is unavailable, a large wine glass or other tall alternatives like a pint or Collins glass can be used.

Martini Glass

The martini glass is a stemmed, tapered glass with a conical shape and a wide rim. It's designed for serving chilled drinks that are strained into the glass after being shaken or stirred with ice. To maintain the drink's coldness, it's advisable to chill the glass beforehand. A standard martini glass has a capacity ranging from 90 to 300 millilitres.