10 Different Types Of Drinking Glasses And How To Use Them
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Having a favourite drink on special occasions is the right way to get into the celebratory mood. To relish the whole experience of drinking your favourite liquor, it is important to make sure that the consumption is done correctly. While going to hotels you must have seen different types of crockery being used for different drinks. The selection of different glasses for different liquors in high-end restaurants is not at all random. There is a proper guide to follow while serving liquors and you need the right kind of glasses for proper liquor consumption etiquette. Here is a comprehensive guide for the different types of glasses that you must use while consuming specific types of liquor.

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* Lowball Glass

This glass is also called the old-fashioned glass. It is very short but has a good width. This makes the quantity of the glass quite significant. The base of the glass makes the surface area of the glass quite wide and this makes it the perfect glass for drinking different types of cocktails. If you have mixed different liquids and you want to stay that way then you must prefer this glass. It might seem small but has a generous quantity.

* Flute Glass

This is one of the most common and popular varieties of glasses that most of us have seen. It is the one that is used in drinking champagne and has a very narrow mouth. The glass has a very sleek exterior and is tall. It is used for drinking liquor that is not very aerated and consumed in less quantity. This glass looks very sophisticated and it is opportune if you plan on drinking champagne.

* Snifter Glass

This glass has a bowl-like structure and a comparatively narrow mouth. The narrow mouth helps in swallowing the drink easily. The short length of the stem of the glass helps in keeping the temperature of the drink warm. This glass is used for drinking liquor like brandy or whiskey that is consumed at a warm temperature. So if you are planning to drink liquor during winter, that is warm, then this is the right kind of glass to use.

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* Martini Glass

The Martini glass looks very much like a cocktail glass. It has a cone-like structure on the top and has a very tall stem. The bowl of the glass is giant and a good portion of drinks can be poured. This glass is often used for martini-based cocktails that are cold. Just like flute glass, this also has a very sophisticated and sleek look. At first glance, many people might confuse it with the cocktail glass.

* Highball Glass

The highball glass is a proper glass and most of us have this variety of glass available at our home already. This glass probably has the highest potion of drinks and is used in serving tall cocktails. This is right for the drinks that require a high ratio of base and ice cube along with other condiments. This is perfect for drinks like lemon-mint cocktails and mojitos. 

* White Wine

There are different varieties of wine, including red wine and white wine. For each of these varieties, there is a special dedicated glass. The white wine glass is generally short in height and has a small mouth as well as less surface area. This type of design helps in slowing down the process of oxidisation of the wine. The shape of the glass also helps in retaining the flavour of the wine even in exposed surroundings for a long time.

* Red Wine

Red wine glass has a very tall build and a very wide mouth as well. The bowl of this glass is also quite huge and it is designed in a way that allows the aroma of the wine to stay in place for a long time. The glass is meant for drinks like red wine that should be sipped slowly. This also has a long stem.

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* Pint Glass

The pint glass is one of the most simple glass designs that you will find in the liquor industry. It is a simple cylindrical shape, glass that is used for serving cider or beer. Generally both these drinks are consumed in enormous quantities which is why the portion of this class is quite huge. It also has a huge mouth that can help in cleaning the stack easily.

* Shot Glass

The shot glass is used for a variety of purposes like drinking gin and vodka shots. These glasses are generally very thick and have an even heavier base. A short glass on average has a capacity of 45 mL of neat liquor. These glasses are used for drinking the kind of liquor that is generally consumed in a very small quantity.

* Margarita Glass

The shape of this glass is like a bowl from the upper side and the lower side, it is like a small and deep vessel. The lower ball is used for storing solid ingredients like eyes and the upper bowl is used for the mean liquid component. You can also add some soda or water to the upper bowl along with other garnishing ingredients.

These are some of the most famous types of glasses that are used for drinking specific kinds of liquors.