8 Tips And Tricks To Eat Sandwiches In A Mess-Free Way
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Sandwiches are one of the most compact and travel-friendly meals. Another significant aspect of making sandwiches at home is the fact that they can be modified as per one's preferences and choices. Sandwiches are made by constructing different layers of vegetables, sources of protein, spices, and a lot of pickles in two slices of bread. 

Due to such a complex system of layers, it is quite easy for a sandwich to break down when a person is trying to eat it. This can create an unwanted mess and also spoil the whole joy of enjoying one's meal. Here are some tips and tricks that will ensure your sandwich remains intact and doesn't start falling out as soon as you eat it.

* Take Good Quality Bread

One of the most important steps while making a sandwich at home is to make sure that you are taking the right kind of sandwich bread. One should go for bread like whole grain, ciabatta, artisanal roll, and similar high-quality brands. It is also important to ensure that the bread has a big surface area so that it can accommodate different types of toppings and stuffings. These breads also have a better grip and do not fall apart as soon as some weight is put on top of them. 

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* Using A Barrier

A barrier in terms of a sandwich simply means the spread that has to be put on the top of a bread loaf before putting different types of toppings and vegetables. This could be ketchup, mayonnaise, pesto sauce, or any other thing. It is a step that is extremely important to ensure that there is a moisture-resistant layer between bread and the vegetables. It will also help to prevent the sandwich from going soggy and enhance its grip.

* Use Green Vegetables

Using different types of green vegetables like lettuce, arugula, and spinach plays a huge role in acting as a buffer or an extra layer in the sandwich that can provide defence against moisture. Also, it helps in adding a refreshing crunch to the sandwich and makes it more enjoyable without having to add unhealthy crunchy snacks.

* Cheese

Cheese not only helps in imparting a creamy texture to the sandwiches but is also a way to help all the ingredients stick together. When the cheese is melted, the exposure of the sandwich to the heat helps create a structure that binds the vegetables, the party, and the loaf together. The best type of cheese that one can use in a sandwich is mozzarella or cheddar, as they melt well and create the desirable cohesion.

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* Placement Of Ingredients

While placing the ingredients on top of one another, one should always pay attention towards the chronology of placement. The right way is to always start with flatter items, such as the patty and the lettuce leaves, and it is only then that one should place smaller ingredients like tomatoes, onions and pictures. This helps in creating the right kind of hierarchical structure, as ingredients for the larger surface area provide room for smaller Ingredients to be placed properly.

* Texture Of The Sandwich 

It is always great to use different types of ingredients to form a multi-textured sandwich. This amalgamation of different types of sandwiches helps in creating a concoction of ingredients that are properly locked together. One can always use things like crispy bacon, toasted nuts, and some potato chips to infuse a sense of variation in the sandwiches. It also helps in creating a more cohesive arrangement that is less likely to fall out.

* Wrapping

Wrapping up a sandwich is a skill that one should properly learn if they do not want their efforts to go in zilch. One has to use parchment paper to wrap their sandwiches and secure them tightly with the help of a toothpick. The toothpick helps ensure that all the ingredients of a sandwich are secured properly and are just in the right place.

* Slicing

To slice a sandwich, one should always go with a serrated knife and always cut in a very slow motion. This is a technique that helps keep all the ingredients in their place and not let any ingredients fall out. If the loaf of bread is quite large, then one can cut the sandwiches in two quarters instead of just half. This is not just easier to eat but also quite handy.