8 Spicy Chilli Oils To Elevate Midnight Snacking
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One condiment you simply must have is chilli oil, especially if you enjoy extremely flavorful and delectable food! You can create and freeze a tonne of chilli oil recipes for various cuisines.

Since you firmly believe that spicy cuisine should be a regular part of our diets, it should be no surprise that you adore chilli oil! In the early days, you started crying from the ridiculous Scoville levels when you challenged each other to ever-spicier chilli sauces.

You can prepare various simple and practical chilli oil recipes, ranging from milder and more flavorful to extremely hot. Here is a collection of the best chilli oil recipes you would love to try with ramen when you have cravings at midnight to help you indulge in the deliciousness of chilli oil.

8 Chilli Oils To Elevate Midnight Snacking

1. Thai Bird's eye Chilli Oil 

Bird's eye chilli is a popular spicy Thai dish on the hotter side of the spice spectrum. Even after simmering, the thin, vividly coloured chiles do not significantly discolour the oil. Additionally, it produces a more colourful, nearly fruity-tasting chilli oil—particularly when using flavoured oils like light olive or coconut oil. The wonderful thing about bird's eye chilli oil is that it can be made hotter by adding chopped, raw chillies to a jar and letting the oil steep. In this manner, the oil can serve as a preservative and flavouring.

2. Sichuan Pepper Oil

Though technically not a chilli, Sichuan peppercorns provide a fantastic chilli oil you will adore for frying bases and toppings. It's one of my favourite chilli oils because it smells so good when you drizzle it on food—a wonderful Sichuan cuisine aroma—and leaves your mouth feeling numb. Sichuan peppercorns are naturally very flavorful, so you don't need to add many spices when cooking. This makes preparation simple if you must rapidly prepare a big batch for a party or present as a gift.

3. Serrano Chilli Oil

The jalapeño, which is so well-known in the West, is related to serrano chilli. This chilli is fantastic because of its unique flavour profile, which is earthy with a hint of citrus compared to its relatives. "Chilli Crisp Oil" is the official term for this kind of oil. The name comes from the crunchy inner parts of chilli peppers, which give the liquid a little texture. Whatever the name, you are going to adore it. It's a fantastic condiment that combines the best flavours of East and West and can be used in nearly any meal that calls for aromatic oil.

4. Labuyo Siling Oil 

A small, hot chilli from the Philippines is called siling labuyo. It's frequently used to give vinegar and other dipping sauces a little kick. In international markets, it is frequently confused with Thai Bird's Eye Chilli due to its striking similarity in appearance. This chilli is fantastic because it keeps its heat long after it's cooked. This refers to a hot oil that will make you fan your mouth after every taste!

5. Barbecue Chilli Oil

Okay, so given that this is more of a sauce than an oil, you might be surprised by this one. But this is among the most flavorful toppings you can put on anything. It's a flexible condiment with a similar flavour profile to Char Siu sauce. You can use it to marinate meat and veggies before grilling. The sauce-to-oil ratio can be changed to suit your preferences, which makes this oil/sauce combination fantastic. It tastes great served over the ramen with a spicy beef flavour.

6. Sambal Oil

Sambal is another condiment that's more often used as a sauce and basis for flavouring. Nevertheless, there is a method for preparing the components that work better with chilli oil. This really easy recipe has only a few more steps beyond preparing the sambal. But the end product is an oil with far more applications than conventional chilli oil. This one is simple to prepare, but you must watch the cooking temperatures. Remember, cooking sambal alters its flavour profile, and you don't want it to get overly caramelised.

7. Ghost Chilli Oil

Although it has a strong fruity sweetness typical of larger pepper species, the Indian Ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. Ghost pepper gained notoriety for breaking the world record before some spicier kinds appeared. It still has an incredible flavour, though, especially when cooked in oil and poured over chicken ramen. Even though this oil tastes good, you should use caution—it's not for the timid! Fortunately, everyone likes a little heat in their food, right?

8. Tianjin Spicy Oil

Hunan and Sichuan regional cuisines have long included Tianjin chilli peppers. Because they are dried, the oil they produce has a richer flavour. In official terms, Sichuan peppercorns, Tianjin chillies, and regular red peppers are combined to create Tianjin chilli oil. But the Tianjin chillies are the most abundant, providing the finished dish with flavour. 

Chilli oil is one of the most essential Asian culinary components for anyone looking to improve their home cooking. Taste these while you prepare for your desires at midnight. These can be used as a garnish or even as the foundation to change the amount of spiciness while comforting your soul.