Snacks With Cereals: 7 Interesting Ideas To Try Late At Night
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Cereals can be a tempting option to curb late night hunger when you're searching for something healthy and delicious. With lots of flavours and choices available, cereals not only become a nutritious snack, but also delight the taste buds. Whether it's morning breakfast or small evening hunger, cereals are perfect for eating any time.

It can also be an appealing option when you're looking for something to curb late-night hunger. But eating it with milk all the time can become monotonous and the flavours might not feel the same after eating it so many times. However, serving options for cereals don't just stop at milk; and you can make several snack recipes with it!

Snacks with cereals? Yes! Cereals can be made into healthy bars, muffins and even spicy chiwda! So, when hunger strikes at midnight, try out these easy-peasy recipes with cereals and discover a unique dimension of cereals.

7 Snacks With Cereals For Late Night

1) Cereals Clusters

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You may have come across packaged cereal clusters in super markets. But do you know it tastes better when made at home? Yes, and it's also easier than you think. Just mix the cereal of choice with melted butter and honey, put out in a baking dish and bake for a few minutes. Once baked, break these clusters and enjoy as a snack or add to milk. You can also include dry fruits and strawberry sauce for more flavour.

2) Chocolate Cereal Bites

Chocolate Cereal Bites taste just as good as they sound. A perfect little pick me up for late night, this snack is delightful to satisfy cravings for something sweet. All you need to do is mix your cereal with honey and nut butter, transfer it into a cupcake tin, and top it  it with melted chocolate. Then freeze it solid and savour all you want.

3) Cereal Chiwda

Salted and spiced cereals taste just as delicious as sweet counterparts. This recipe gives a new dimension to how you looked at cereals up until now. Mixed with warming spices like chilli powder, turmeric, cumin and curry leaves and peanuts temper. Make sure to use mildly flavoured or unflavoured cereals to rule out sweet hints.

4) Cereal Bars

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Cereal Bars is for when you need something that makes little to no mess when eating on the bed. Just mix it with melted marshmallows or honey butter, then spread it onto a tin and let cool. Cut it into bars after its set and chew when you like.

5) Cereal and Fruit Couscous

Cereal and Fruit Couscous combine the goodness of fruits into cereals to make a delicious trail mix. Just mix cereals with chopped fruits like banana, strawberry and kiwi. Add honey on top for sweetness. Serve it chilled and enjoy.

6) Cereal Cookies

Make delicious cereal cookies by combining crushed cereal with flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Drop spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and bake until golden brown. Optionally, you can include chocolate chips, dry fruits, and funfetti to make it interesting.

7) Cereal Pie

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Cereals settled on a crusty dough bed and topped with pudding or yoghurt is a delightful dessert treat. Just  crush your favourite cereal and mix it with melted butter. Fill with creamy pudding or yogurt, then chill until set. Top with fresh fruits and nuts for garnishing.

Cereals can be more than just a breakfast treat. With these delicious snack recipes, you can bring more joy to eating cereals and curb your cravings instantly.