8 Simple And Easy Parathas For Lazy Late-Night Meals
Image Credit: Pexels

An Indian bread known as paratha is prepared in almost every Indian home. Although many different parathas exist, they are primarily divided into two categories: basic parathas and stuffed parathas. While regular parathas can be served with gravies, pickles, raitas, or other accompaniments, stuffed parathas can be consumed independently. They are suitable for any meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In North India, especially in Punjab, parathas are incredibly popular. Every day, Punjabi homes prepare and serve stuffed parathas like Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mooli Paratha, and Paneer Paratha with pickles and curd. These parathas would be a great option for a satisfying, lazy meal. They're perfect for dinner if you've had a busy day and don't have time to eat. Take a look at these parathas!

8 Easy Parathas For Lazy Late-Night Dinner

1. Aloo Paratha

The most popular Indian flatbread is aloo paratha, which you can make at home. It is a perfect dinner meal. In addition to mashed and boiling potatoes, aloo ka paratha is packed with other hot and spicy ingredients, including mustard seeds, toasted peanuts, and green chillies. Next, coat it beautifully with butter. Savour your aloo ka paratha now with luscious curd, butter dollops, and pickles!

2. Cheese Paratha 

If you haven't tried this mouthwatering twist on your regular brunch, you simply cannot claim to enjoy Indian bread, regardless of whether it is a tiny amount of delicious mozzarella or a piece of manufactured cheese. Instead of the typical filling of mashed potatoes, simply combine sliced or grated cheese with this. Fry it after that, just like regular parathas. Enjoy them with chilled curd and spicy chilli sauce!

3. Veggie Paratha

Vegetable paratha is a delicious and nutritious Indian bread made with wheat flour and fresh green vegetables. A delightful way to experience the richness of vegetables is with lightly fried bread. Several vegetables are sautéed and mixed with flour to form the dough for this bread, making it easier to make without sacrificing nutrition. You will lick your fingers if you try it with mango pickles!

4. Dal Paratha

Whole-wheat flour, high-protein lentils, and an unusual spice combination make this delectable Indian bread. The protein-rich paratha, which pairs well with spicy pickles, keeps you full for a long time. Dal paratha resembles other flatbreads; the key distinction is in its filling, which is a delectable combination of cooked yellow Bengal gram lentil and well-selected spices.

5. Laccha Paratha

Indian cuisine's crispy, multi-layered laccha paratha, also known as paratwala paratha, is made with a generous amount of oil. Enjoy the delicious flavour with some plain dal or shahi paneer after shallow-frying it in one to two tablespoons of oil. You'll find that this Indian bread is crispy and incredibly delicious!

6. Halwa Paratha

This delicious recipe is ideal for colder climates. Making dough using powdered sugar, milk, and wheat flour is all required for the drill. Make halwa using semolina. Next, stuff a tiny portion of dough with sugary semolina and roll it up. This one is so hefty that it will set your taste buds on a new journey!

7. Onion Paratha 

Would you like to savour the spicy filling of soft potatoes, red tomatoes, and crispy golden brown onions? This dish, readily available at most good Indian restaurants, is tangy and delicious due to the spicy blend of tomatoes, coriander, and onions. Take a mouthful of these crispy breads—they'll steal your heart in only a few bites!

8. Sattu Paratha 

Most people in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh love sattu, or roasted gram flour. Despite its lack of popularity, this variety is frequently seen in many households, waiting to be given the credit it truly deserves. A healthy dinner alternative is Sattu ke Paranthe, which you can create with roasted chana dal and other seasonings. These breads are excellent. Serve warm with curd and pickles!