Tofu Delights: 7 Easy Peasy Recipes For Midnight Munchies
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Firm or soft — tofu tends to delight your taste buds at any time of the day. Whether you want to make a wholesome curry for dinner or some light snacks for evening tea, tofu is the perfect ingredient to cook with. It is revered not only for its taste but also for its nutritional profile.

Marinate it, fry it, bake it, or poach it—tofu's versatile nature allows it to be easily made into hundreds of delicious recipes. Its culinary dimension not only extends to hot recipes; it is also popularly used in smoothies and desserts.

So when your hunger pangs hit at night, look for tofu in your pantry and use it to make some delicious snacks to curb the cravings.

7 Easy Tofu Snacks For Late Night

1) Tofu Nuggets

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Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these bite-sized nuggets are ideal for satisfying cravings at night. When cooked with oil-free methods like baking or air frying, you can give these nuggets a healthy twist. Pair them with your Netflix binges or study breaks.

2) Tofu Fingers

Long strands of tofu baked to perfection give a delightful deep flavour in every bite. Flavoured with sesame soy glaze, adds a touch of umami richness to each bite. Easy to make and serve, this recipe gives a tantalising feel and leaves you craving more.

3) Garlic Tofu Saute

Pair with rice or fill-in pita bread; this classic garlic tofu saute tastes like takeout. It is made by quickly sauteing tofu cubes in garlic, spring onions, sesame seeds, soy sauce and some vinegar. You can choose dark soy sauce for a deep flavour and add more ingredients.

4) Tofu Croquettes

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Tofu croquettes are made with mashed tofus rather than whole cubes. The mashed tofu is mixed with spices, herbs, and breadcrumbs, then made into balls and coated with slurry and breadcrumbs. You can either bake it or air fry it for cooking.

5) Tofu Rice

Tofu saute topped on a rice bed and garnished with spring onions, sesame seeds and soy glaze is a perfect meal for late-night dinner. All you need is cooked rice and sauteed tofu curry, then make your personalised bowl with desired ingredients and toppings.

6) Tofu Sandwich

Slices of tofu marinated in savoury soy sauce and grilled to perfect texture. Then layered with lettuce leaves, tomato slices and avocado between toasted bread is how you make a wholesome sandwich for late at night. Offering a fusion of flavours, this sandwich makes snacking both wholesome and satisfying.

7) Tofu Roll

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Using up leftover rotis, you can make a delicious roll with tangy tofu filling. Both sauteed tofu and fried tofu are ideal to use as filling. Pan-fry the rolls before serving to make the wrap more crispy.

When cravings call after 12am, tofu is always there for rescue. With tofu, you can whip up countless recipes in no time and savour delicious tastes with nutritious goodness.