7 Late-Night Potato Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings
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Potatoes are counted as the most loved comfort food all over the world. From breakfast to dinner, thousands of potato recipes are there to try. In addition to being so adaptable, potatoes are extremely healthy and are naturally fat and cholesterol-free. But thanks to modern conventional foods, potatoes are viewed as guilty pleasures that no one likes to admit to eating.

In addition to being fat and cholesterol-free, potatoes are also highly energetic and that alone can make up for daily energy requirements. For this reason, the recipes made with potatoes are so filling that they keep you satisfied for longer periods. This work is exceptionally good for late-night cravings when you want something fulfilling and don’t want to pack your tummy tight.

Potatoes work exceptionally well in many ways because of their texture and mild flavour. Also, they are easily accessible, affordable and fulfilling. Whether you want to make crispy fries or crunchy chips, there is no end to the possibilities. Try these amazing potato snacks for late nights and also learn how to make them healthier.

Easy Potato Snacks For Late-Night Cravings

1) Potato Chips

Potato chips are the first and foremost choice when talking about potato snacks. They are a classic, all-time favourite snack that can be a go-to for anytime hunger pangs. With a naturally mild flavour, you can add your favourite seasonings to them, making them way better than store-bought chips.

2) Potato Fries

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What gives the fries their amazing flavour is the natural caramel flavour that is produced when potato strips are fried. The best snack is potato fries—crispy on the exterior and soft and juicy on the inside.

3) Potato Cheese Balls

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The gooey cheese that comes out of soft and crispy potato balls is mesmerising and irresistible. They are incredibly easy to make, just with mashed potatoes, cheese pieces, and breadcrumbs.

4) Potato Nuggets

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The chewy nibbles of potato nuggets are extremely appetising and fulfilling, making them a perfect midnight snack. This snack is ideal for killing the boredom of the night and can be made in under 10 minutes.

5) Potato Wedges

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Whether you bake them, fry them, or air-fry them, potato wedges are incredibly good in every way! They're especially delicious when the skin becomes crunchy and is infused with added spices and herbs.

6) Potato Tikki

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Potato Tikki is a staple street food of India that feels one level above any other potato snack. You can't even guess how a simple addition of some veggies and spices can make the unassuming taste so remarkable that it leaves people wanting more. No matter what veggies you add and what seasonings you choose, this recipe will come out extremely good in every way.

7) Potato Onion Rings

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This is a flavourful twist on the classic Onion rings. Potato onion rings are made by covering the Rings of onions with a matched potato that almost looks like a doughnut. They are then covered with bread crumbs and baked golden. You can also add cheese to enhance the flavour.

When your cravings call, look for potatoes in your pantry and make these incredibly easy and satisfying snacks. You can also save the potatoes for breakfast the next morning and eat them on the go while travelling to work or school.