8 Sabzi To Make From Leftover Vegetables At Midnight
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For most Indians, comfort food consists of a platter of dal chawal with some masala-smeared vegetables no matter the time. These three dishes normally make up a regular lunch or dinner meal; rotis or phulkas are served instead of rice in some houses. 

One can experiment with numerous cooking methods for veggies and never grow tired of them because the market offers such a wide range of vegetables to cook. Indian regional cuisines use seasonal vegetables to their fullest potential by combining them with various spices, cooking them uniquely, and savouring their tastes. 

Your refrigerator is never without leftovers. Gourds, as well as a variety of other green leafy vegetables like turnips, broad beans, fenugreek, cauliflower, peas, and spinach, are among the items you notice.

While many disregard vegetable preparations when it comes to eating, this is typically due to weariness with the same type of food. This is a list of recipes in which you can try using these veggies to make yourself a comfort food in the middle of the night. Keep reading!

8 Dishes From Leftover Veggies To Try At Midnight

1. Aloo Wadiyan

Wadiyan, essentially sun-dried urad dal nuggets, are spicy, so various spices and chiles are added to the urad dal during cooking. This straightforward recipe for aloo wadiyan calls for frying wadiyan and cooking potatoes in a mixture of spices until they are soft. Serve with roti or rice for a filling supper.

2. Vrat Wale Dahi Aloo

There are lots of possibilities for you to consider. One of them is aloo, and this recipe for delicious aloo curry will make fasting enjoyable. A welcome change from the typical fried aloo dishes served during the fasting season is vrat wale dahi aloo, which has a thick and dense addition of curd.

3. Aloo Korma

Aloo korma, a fierce rival to its mutton equivalent, can take the stage at your next dinner party. Aloo kurma can be a creative addition to any lunch or supper meal when cooked in a thick and creamy sauce made with yoghurt, cashew nut paste, and various spices. Try this for a hearty midnight meal.

4. Masaledaar Gobhi

One of the main dishes prepared in Indian homes is gobhi. This cauliflower recipe is cooked with various spices, resulting in a tasty dish that goes well with rotis or dal-chawal for lunch, midnight meals or tiffin. This great quick lunch option goes well with paratha or even as a side dish at a dinner party.

5. Hyderabadi Baingan 

This is a real brinjal stew straight from Hyderabad's royal kitchens. Little brinjals are served dipped in a nutty sauce consisting of peanuts, tamarind, and sesame seeds. Cooking this delicious dish for lunch or dinner is highly recommended. The masala complements both rice and roti perfectly. Try this to tame your midnight cravings successfully using leftover veggies. 

6. Methi Aloo

Methi, or fenugreek leaves, cooked with potatoes and spices, is a traditional vegetarian recipe perfect for winter and filling. These are quick to prepare and perfect for packing in a tiffin or cooking for lunch. Simple, quick, and incredibly flavorful! All you need to enjoy this is hot, steaming paratha.

7. Lauki Ki Yakni

One of the most well-liked green vegetables with many health advantages is the lauki, often known as the bottle gourd. The list goes on, from simple digestion to weight loss. Here's how to spice up your dull lauki and add some smooth, silky curd to make it interesting. arduous to resist!

 8. Andhra Bhindi

There are many different ways to prepare crispy Andhra Bhindi, a popular side dish that may be served for lunch, dinner, or even at celebrations. It is an extremely adaptable vegetable that complements almost anything. Try this simple yet tasty recipe for bhindi for your next meal: Crispy, deep-fried Bengali curry topped with roasted masala. It makes an ideal accompaniment to your Dal Chawal.

Are you considering throwing away your leftover veggies because you're at a loss on what to do with them?Don’t throw them. Since you now know how to salvage some delicious recipes from the food you were about to throw away.