7 Soothing Payasam Recipes For Late-Night Satisfaction
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You might not know how beneficial payasam can be for your health. Unlike any other kheer recipe, payasam is made with organic ingredients and uses jaggery, pure ghee, and loads of dry fruits, creating a satisfying treat for the body as well as the mind.

Especially for late-night cravings, payasam works as a sleep-inducing remedy with all the beneficial ingredients that aid in relaxation. This recipe is made with warm milk containing tryptophan, which has been shown to improve sleep quality. Moreover, the dry fruits in payasam including almonds, cashews, raisins, chironji, cardamom and cinnamon, are all considered beneficial in aiding sleep.

If you, too suffer from unquenchable hunger in the middle of sleep, these sweet and soothing payasam recipes will give you a satisfying relief.

7 Payasam Recipes For a Restful Night’s Sleep 

1) Paneer Payasam

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This intriguing paneer dessert recipe combines crumbled paneer in boiling milk and jaggery, dry fruits, and spices. The way paneer melds its savoury nodes into the sweetness of milk creates a pleasing aftertaste that stays on the taste buds for a long time.

2) Chana Dal Payasam

The addition of boiled split chickpeas gives this payasam a protein boost. Lentils like chanadal are also a source of tryptophan, which helps with sleep. Chickpeas are often used in festive desserts along with spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and their payasam creates a delectable treat for the night.

3) Moong Dal Payasam

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The luscious blend of moong dal with milk infuses tastebuds with a lasting impression. Moong dal is also a popular lentil for desserts, and you may have heard about the admired moong dal ka halwa. In a similar way, boiled moong dal, along with dry fruits and spices, is used for making this payasam.

4) Semiya Payasam

The classic semiya payasam will have you drooling at just the thought of it. If you are concerned about eating semiya at night, don't worry! Semiya is made with wheat durum which provides a nutritious fulfilment to the body and is popularly combined with a weight loss diet as well.

5) Sago Payasam

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Sago is one of the best foods to make you sleepy. Consuming warming sago payasam before bed aids digestion, boosts tryptophan in the body and helps you stay asleep throughout the night for appropriate rest. However, sago also helps in weight gain, so if you want to lose some mass, try the other payasam recipes.

6) Oats Payasam

Oats are filled with magnesium and melatonin, which work wonders to give you restful sleep. Make quick oats payasam by simmering oats in milk for a few minutes and flavouring them with dry fruits, spices, and jaggery.

7) Wheat Vermicelli Payasam

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If you want something whole grain, wheat vermicelli payasam is a good option. It is made using whole wheat vermicelli, which offers satisfactory relief from hunger and is easily digestible.

For the dreadful cravings of sweet indulgence, these wholesome payasam recipes give you a relaxing satisfaction. Not only is it delicious, but it's also very easy to make in just a few minutes.