8 New Indian Spirits That Should Be On Your Boozy Wishlist

Once upon a time, drinking in India was limited to dark rum, whiskey and maybe the occasional beer. It was accepted that drinking didn’t need to be a fancy affair and a peg with some ice was the go-to way to drink. But those days are well behind us now and we have a plethora of bars and mixologists opening up new avenues to exciting ways to drink. 

Today Indian consumers are welcoming the change and ushering in a new age of boozy delights, one that many manufacturers are also catching on to. Though we’ve always been a whisky and rum drinking country, there are some exciting new additions on the gin front as well which marks the true effect of the Gin-naissance. 

Here are some exciting bottles to look out for next time you’re restocking your home bar. 

Soci Gin

Crafted in Goa, this sipping Gin is designed to be enjoyed neat to get the full impact of the flavours. This cold-pressed gin evokes notes of juniper, cardamom and coriander, with lighter citrus notes along with invigorating pepper and cucumber. The cold press ensure that each individual flavour is maintained at its optimum level. It’s a straightforward, quality spirit aimed at younger drinkers who are looking for a no-fuss option. 

Consilium Black Whisky

In 2019, ‘The Consilium Whisky Co.’ was established with the aim to introduce a series of curated malt expressions curated from over 600 internationally sourced malts. These meticulously crafted blends have added two new expressions to their lineup with the Rye Malt Whisky and Consilium Black Blended Cigar Malt Whisk which showcase distinctive aromas and taste profiles, creating a unique sensory experience for the consumers.

Legacy Whisky

A trusted name in the alco-bev inner circle, Bacardi has launched its new entry into Indian-made whisky. The new spirit Legacy is a unique combination which blends Indian and Scottish malts with Indian grains for a perfectly balanced drink tailored to the Indian consumer. With peaty and fruity notes and undertones of oak and vanilla, it’s a complex ode to a modern whisky experience.

Rock Paper Rum 

This homegrown small-batch rum is challenging the norms of the space with a youthful take on an old favourite. Triple-distilled they have a focus on quality and there are two variants to enjoy. Indian Spiced with an oaky head and undertones of botanicals, and the Coastal White has woody and sweet notes with a hint of vanilla.

Indri Trini

This single malt whisky with a nose of black tea, caramelised pineapple, oak, followed up by vanilla and honey notes holds the Platinum certification from the Global Spirit Awards in 2022. With a palate of gentle spice and wood characters, nutty flavours and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus and raisins.

Morpheus XO Brandy- Festive Edition 

Morpheus Premium Brandy, named after the Greek god of dreams, was introduced in 2009 and made to embody the spirit of celebration. It has a nose of intense fruity and floral top notes, complimented with dried fruits like raisin and prune in the base note with a heavy-bodied palate and long finish. To celebrate the festive season, they’re now pairing a premium quality goblet with a 750 ml bottle of Morpheus XO.

Short Story Spirits

Stranger & Sons has made itself a household brand name for gin drinkers but now they’ve upped the ante with a trio of spirits. The Short Story Spirits line-up comes equipped with a smooth, triple distilled, charcoal-filtered grain vodka classic juniper and citrus London dry gin, plus a white rum that blends Indian molasses rum with Caribbean ones.

Goodman Brandy

On the brandy front, there’s a new contender from the house of Bacardi. Goodman is their first foray into this space and is made from a blend of French and Indian grape brandies, aged for a minimum of two years in oak casks.