8 Nepali Dishes To Try Beyond Momos And Pulao
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Nepal is a country that has a flabbergasting gastronomic history and a very rich culinary tapestry. It is a general misconception that people in Nepal only consume dishes like momos and thukpa. The food culture in Nepal is also heavily influenced by its neighbouring countries like China, India, and Tibet. So, it is no wonder that Nepal's cuisine is a beautiful concoction of various influences from these countries. In urban and more developed regions like Kathmandu, a food type called Newari is extremely popular.

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However, in rural areas, especially in the mountains, there is not a lot of agricultural cultivation, which is why non-vegetarian dishes are more popular there. These dishes are not only an important part of the regular day-to-day life of the people but are also consumed during festivals. Here are some unmissable Nepali delicacies that are a must-try for anyone who is visiting Nepal anytime soon. 

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* Sel Roti

Sel Roti is an extremely crunchy and sweet treat that resembles doughnuts very much. However, the rings are a lot thinner and wider than those of doughnuts. Sel roti is specifically made during a lot of religious festivals in Nepal and is made of rice flour. Circular rings are created with the help of rice flour, which is deep-fried in desi ghee to give them a crunchy taste and texture. Many people also like to have it first thing in the morning with a cup of tea or yoghurt.

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* Yomari

Yomari is one of the most popular dishes in Nepal, and it is extensively popular in the Newar community. The dish has the shape of a fish, and it is also made with rice flour. As rice is starchy, it helps in providing a good amount of nutrition and warmth to the body during the winter season. Inside the fish-shaped shell, there is a sweet filling. The filling is made from brown cane sugar and sesame seeds.

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* Tongba

Tongba is an alcoholic beverage that is extremely popular in Nepal and is made from millet. It is the traditional drink of the people of the Limbu community in Nepal. Many people also like to call it the Tibetan hot beer. The traditional way of drinking the staple beer is to fill it in vessels that have the shape of a cast and then sip it with straws that are made from bamboo. This special Nepali drink can be easily brewed at home.

* Samya Bhaji

Samya Bhaji, which can be easily cooked at home, is one of the most special delicacies of Nepal and is an heirloom recipe used by the Newari community. It is a tradition in a lot of Nepali households to make this dish on the occasion of an auspicious day or festival in the family. It is a proper meal that is made with an assortment of different foods like meat, boiled eggs, spicy potato, salad, beaten rice, and many other things. 

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* Wo 

Wo is the Nepali version of pancakes that are made using a batter made from lentils, specifically the green and black variety. In many parts of Nepal, the dish is also called baara. The dish is specially made on the occasion of a famous Nepali festival called Siti Nakha. The pancakes are extremely light and spongy, which makes them excellent snack or lunch items. Many people also like to add some minced chicken in the batter to make it more nutritious.


Choila is another famous Nepali dish that is traditionally made with buffalo meat and a lot of spices. However, many people in the country also like to make duck versions of choila. The dish is generally combined with some rice flakes for the best taste. Like other items on the list, cholla is also an extremely important part of Nepali culture and festivals. Some people also like to consume it with flatbreads.

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* Dal Bhat

Dal bhat is the Nepali version of dal rice and is a traditional comfort meal that is consumed widely by the native people. The dish is generally combined with a special variety of Nepali pickles, yoghurt, and seasoned pieces of meat. There are a lot of different versions of the simple dish in the country, all of which are extremely thoughtful and authentic in terms of taste.

* Gorkhali Lamb

Gorkhali Lamb is the perfect main course dish for people who love eating nicely seasoned gravy meat that is immersed in a lot of spices and vegetables. Some fresh pieces of lamb are perfectly covered with some spices before they are grilled. The first bite of this dish is like a bomb of flavours, and it can be easily paired with some white rice or flatbreads.