8 Indian Territories On 100 Best Food Regions In The World List
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The fact that food is a cultural and historical experience is well known, but have you ever wondered how every region—even within the borders of a single nation—has immense diversity in food and beverages? If you have and are wondering which food regions of the world have the most diversity in terms of heritage dishes as well as popular ones, then TasteAtlas has the answer with its 100 Best Food Regions In The World list for 2023. 

As a part of their effort to evaluate and taste their way around the world, the Croatia-based food guide has been releasing a number of global lists featuring everything from best dishes in the world to the most iconic cookbooks. And when it comes to the food regions list released as a part of their TasteAtlas Awards 23/24 series, nations like Italy and India have scored rather high because of the culinary diversity these nations represent. 

With 17 regions making it to the list, Italy has made its presence felt on the list. India, with eight regions on the list, has also made its impact on the world of food known. “Based on 395,205 (271,819 valid) dish ratings, and 115,660 (80,863 valid) food product ratings, these regions have recorded the best average ratings for their highest-rated dishes and food products,” TasteAtlas revealed on its website. 

Here are the eight Indian regions that made it to the TasteAtlas 100 Best Food Regions In The World list and the dishes that contributed to their rankings. 

1. Punjab    

With a rating of 4.33, the North Indian state has made it to the list on No. 17 scoring higher than Sichuan in China and even New York. The best dishes from the region are listed as tikka, Amritsari kulcha, tandoori murgh, saag paneer, phirni, mango lassi and lassi. 

2. Southern India  

With a rating of 4.27 and a ranking of No. 26, Southern India made it to the list as an accumulation of five states. Hyderabadi biryani, dosa, chicken 65, Madras curry, Mysore pak and South Indian coffee or filter coffee have been listed as the best dishes from the region. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Chef Ranveer Brar

3. Maharashtra  

With a ranking of No. 42 and a rating of 4.19, Maharashtra has been put on the list thanks to high-rated dishes like vada pav, misal, misal pav, aamras and pav bhaji. 

4. West Bengal  

The Eastern Indian state known for its delectable sweets received a ranking of No. 60 and a rating of 4.11. The best-rated dishes from the state were listed as rasmalai, sandesh, rasgulla, gobi manchurian and kathi roll, while Darjeeling tea got a special mention as a beverage. 

5. Jammu and Kashmir  

With a rating of 4.08 and a ranking of No. 62, the beautiful state in India’s extreme north made it to the rankings thanks to a number of dishes like rogan josh, Kashmiri naan, dum aloo and products like Kashmiri red chillies. 

6. Tamil Nadu  

With a ranking of No. 70 and a rating of 4.04, Tamil Nadu made it to the list of best food regions thanks to dishes like dosa, chicken 65, Madras curry, sambar and uttapam. 

7. Gujarat  

The state in Western India known for producing predominantly vegetarian food received a rating of 3.97 and ranked at No. 83. The best dishes attributed to the region were chana masala, khakhra, dabeli, dhokla and chikki. 

8. Kerala 

With a rating of 3.75 and a ranking of No. 99, Kerala made it to the list thanks to regional delicacies like coconut chutney, achappam, appam, upperi and Malabar fish curry.