Indian Cuisine Ranks 11th Best In The World; 4 Dishes Score High
Image Credit: Unsplash

Every time India, its people and its food makes it big on the global scale, it is indeed a moment to rejoice. Over the course of 2023, the Croatia-based food guide, TasteAtlas has constantly featured Indian cuisine, Indian dishes and even iconic Indian eateries in various global lists that it publishes. Naturally then, once their annual rankings came out for the year of 2023, India was bound to make a splash—and it did! 

According to the just-released TasteAtlas rankings for 100 Best Cuisines in the World List, India has scored the 11th position, beating out biggies like USA, Thailand and even South Korea. Italy, Japan, Greece, Portugal and China received the Top 5 rankings, followed by Indonesia, Mexico, France, Spain and Peru in the Top 10. Indian cuisine’s 11th rank also came with a score of 4.52, which was just 0.02 points less than Peru’s. 

But that’s not all, because TasteAtlas’ annual rankings list include more than just broad ideas of cuisines. In fact, the food guide has revealed that a total of 395,205 (271,819 valid) dishes and 115,660 (80,863 valid) food products from all of these cuisines have been recorded and rated by them throughout the year. “Based on these ratings, the top 50 food items for each cuisine were extracted, and the best-rated cuisines in the world were ranked according to the average ratings of the best-rated dishes and food products of each country.” 

So, did Indian cuisine manage to score high in terms of best-rated dishes? Of course, it did! According to TasteAtlas’ 100 Best Dishes in the World list, four dishes and categories of food from Indian cuisine have managed to rank within the top 50 dishes in the world. Butter Garlic Naan ranked 7th with a score of 4.67, making this savoury flavour bomb available across India the highest scoring Indian dish on the list. 

Next up was Murgh Makhani, which ranked 43rd with a score of 4.54. Also known as Butter Chicken, this Delhi-style creamy chicken curry is not only available across the nation but has also made its way to Indian restaurants around the world. Tikka and Tandoori, which are categories of Indian food rather than dishes because you can make each with plenty of ingredients like meat, paneer and vegetables, ranked at 47th and 48th respectively, with scores of 4.54 too.  

Previously, TasteAtlas had also released a list of the Most Iconic Eateries around the world, where Indian landmarks like Paragon, Peter Cat and many others had also received great rankings. Overall, going just by what TasteAtlas has reported throughout the year, Indian cuisine has truly made a global impact.