8 Hydrating Cucumber Dishes To Stay Refreshed And Cool With

Among a spectrum of snacks great for the summer holiday season, cucumbers stand out as classics for their mild but refreshing flavour, paired with a crunchy texture. They are also permeated by their high water content, which, in turn, helps our body maintain hydration in hot weather by cooling us down and avoiding dehydration. Cucumbers are a very healthy snack after work in the summer, as they are full of vitamins and minerals and very low in calories.

This summer, cucumbers should become an integral part of our daily meals as a source of water, as well as an overall well-being provider, as well as for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, skin health and anti-inflammatory features, as per the study published in the Journal Food in 2020.

Here are some dishes made from cucumber, especially for the summer season

1. Kheera Ka Raita: 

Cucumber yoghurt or kheera ka raita, a type of yoghurt that has a crispy texture and a cool taste, may be a fantastic side dish to complement the main course. It is yoghurt blended with grated cucumber and herbs and spices like cumin, salt, and mint leaves. It has a sour and fresh flavour. The yoghurt on it has a creamy mouthfeel texture, and the cucumber gives it a crisp bite. This dish is great for the summer. In addition, it helps the process of digestion, normalises the electrolyte level, and provides hydration to the body.

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3. Cucumber Salad: 

Cucumber prepared as a salad is crisp and refreshing and has a slight hint of sweetness and freshness. To prepare it, just layer cucumber slices and a preferred topping of choice and sprinkle with some olive oil, vinegar, or a simple spice dressing. This salad is "cold and moist," distinctive from other dishes during summer. It is a source of nutrition in the summer meal plan and provides the benefit of hydration along with health in general, as it has low calories, a very high water content and enough vitamins and minerals.

4. Cucumber Water: 

Cucumber water is a great refreshing beverage for human bodies during the hard summer.  To make it, it is only necessary to put some cucumber slices into a pitcher with water and then refrigerate it for a few hours for all the flavours and nutrients to blend properly. Drinking cucumber water in the summer is a great saviour and quenches thirst. It also hydrates and supplies vitamins and minerals to the body. Besides its imbalance in taste, it is a perfect substitute for normal water.

5. Cucumber And Mint Sharbat: 

This sharbat is made of cucumber and mint and has a mild taste. It is a refreshingly flavorful drink all summer. To make this, cucumbers are made into a puree by adding sugar syrup, lime juice, and fresh mint leaves. The end result is a wonderful drink that is either cold or freezing, making it perfect for those really hot days of summer. This cucumber and mint sharbat not only promotes overall health but also reduces the heat of the summertime through the cooling characteristics of the peppermint beverage and the high water content of a cucumber.

6. Chilled Cucumber Soup: 

Cucumber soup has a pleasant taste that is cooling and smooth in texture, with a gentle, soothing flavour. In order to turn it into a creamy, smooth paste, add yoghurt, garlic, lemon juice, other spices and, of course, cucumber. When served cold, it meets two major physiological needs by keeping the body cool and fully hydrated while also providing relief from the heat. This soup is fantastic for summer diets; it is rich in necessary fibre and has a low-calorie count, which helps with digestion and hydration as well.

7. Kheera Pakora: 

The cucumber fritters, called pakora in Hindi, have a great taste of fries combined with the freshness of cucumber, which gives a mix of crunchy and fresh ingredients. Another snack that comes from the deep-fryer is sliced round cucumbers, which are cut thin and battered in seasoned chickpea flour before they are fried until they turn golden and crisp. It tastes peppery with hints of chilli, cumin, and coriander. They serve as a healthy and light sweet treat that is crispy in nature and helps the body stay hydrated.

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8. Virgin Cucumber Cooler: 

As a top touch, the Virgin Cucumber Cooler is made with cucumber essence, which has a fresh, crisp flavour. This drink, which possesses a delightful and light texture, is something that quenches thirst on ardently hot summers. Blend fresh cucumber with ice, minty leaves, lime juice, and honey to taste. This thirst-quenching act not only rejuvenates the electrolytes but also hydrates the body significantly and provides essential nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin C. Moreover, due to its natural hydrating nature and low calorific value, it is a perfect go-to beverage for staying nourished and refreshed in the summer heat while still counting calories.