Cucumber For Summer: 6 Refreshing Indian Dishes To Beat The Heat
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Cucumber is the most hydrating vegetable brimming with antioxidants and nutrients. Beyond culinary application, cucumber is also used in beauty treatments for its refreshing and hydrating properties. In addition to this, cucumber is also low in calories and carbs which makes it perfectly keto-friendly.

Apart from being a salad and sandwich topping, cucumber can also be used for making several other dishes that can make your summer meals more fun. And the way Indian cuisine highlights this quality is like no other. From pancakes to stir-fries, several Indian recipes are made with cucumber, and each one of them is amazing.

This summer, indulge in the refreshing taste of cucumber and try these delectable Indian recipes. Create a wholesome breakfast dish or a revitalising dinner with cucumber and enjoy the warmth of the season with a flavourful twist.

Try These Refreshing Cucumber Recipes For Summer

1) Cucumber Curry

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Cucumber curry is a spicy stir-fried cucumber recipe that is apt for breakfast and lunch. This recipe is especially popular in South India and is eaten with ghee and rice. Lentils are also added for a soothing bite and protein along with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and chilli. For a South Indian touch, you can include grated coconut or coconut milk to add coastal flavour.

2) Cucumber Raita

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Cucumber raita is a beloved North Indian treat which is made with curd as the main ingredient along with shredded cucumber, black salt and cumin powder for seasoning. This recipe is perfect for serving as a side, a dip, a spread or after meal refreshment. It is served chilled and pairs well with any meal of the day.

3) Cucumber Koshimbir

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Cucumber Koshimbir is a Maharashtrian snack which you can also call an improvised version of a classic salad. In this recipe, diced cucumbers are mixed with coriander, green chilli, grated coconut, ground-roasted peanuts, salt, sugar, and lemon juice. After all the ingredients are combined, the salad is then tempered with mustard seeds, red chilli, and curry leaves in hot oil.

4) Cucumber Kootu

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Cucumber kootu is again a South Indian recipe that is made with cucumbers, lentils, and spices. First, the cucumber is peeled and diced, then cooked with lentils. After that, it is sauteed with kootu paste which is made by grinding coconut, cumin seeds, green chillies and some spices. In the end, the recipe is tempered with tadka and served with rice.

5) Cucumber Pancakes

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Cucumber pancakes or cucumber chilla is a chickpea flour-based pancake with cucumber as the main ingredient. First, the cucumber is grated and drained, after that it's added to chickpea flour along with spices and chopped onion, chillies and coriander. Then the mixture is converted to a thin batter and fried on grilled to form pancakes. It is served with green chutney.

6) Cucumber Fried Rice

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Cucumber fried rice is a refreshing twist to normal fried rice recipes. The addition of diced cucumber in fried rice adds a hydrating bite to the recipe and tempering it with spices like cumin and mustard seeds enhances the overall flavour. Optionally, you can add sweet corn kernels and chilli flakes for more flavour.

Make these recipes for summer and enjoy a refreshing flavour with a spiced twist. These recipes give a perfect excuse to include the refreshment of cucumber in your diet and enjoy it in many ways other than just salad and sandwich.