Raita For Summer: 6 Variations To Try This Season
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Raita is a quintessential addition to Indian Cuisine without which meals are considered incomplete. Especially during summer, this one recipe makes up for a delicious superfood which offers way too many health benefits to the body.

It is prepared from curd or yoghurt and has a sour flavour with a hint of sweetness. The best thing about raita is that it can go with nearly anything, not only Indian cuisine. You can use it as a dip for your snacks, a spread for sandwiches and drizzle it on your skillet dishes for added flavour.

Raita can be made with a variety of ingredients that transform the entire recipe into a whole new dish. This summer, add more fun to your meals by including these seven raita variations and enjoy the refreshing taste.

Try These Raita Recipes For Summer Meals

1) Cucumber Raita

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Cucumber raita is the most basic summer raita recipe which uses shredded cucumber along with curd base and cumin powder. It is required to drain all the water in the cucumber so the dish won't get diluted. In the end, add some chopped chillies and garnish with fresh herbs.

2) Beetroot Raita

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Beetroot raita is bright pink which comes from beetroot and looks incredibly appetising. Along with beetroot, onion, carrots and bell pepper are also added which makes it a little chunky and flavourful. Salt and black pepper powder are added as seasonings and garnished with coriander leaves.

3) Burhani Raita

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Burhani raita is a South Indian dish which uses garlic as the main flavouring ingredient. The pungency and heat of garlic combine well with the taste of curd creating a comforting flavour. Cumin powder and red chilli powder are used as the main seasoning and you can temper this dish by frying mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves and dry red chilli pepper.

4) Onion Raita

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Onion raita is made with pickled onions and is especially eaten with biryani. You can also use marinated onion for a better flavour, which also rules out the addition of extra spices. Just mix the onion with curd and garnish it with chopped coriander, and your onion raita is ready.

5) Boondi Raita

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Boondi raita is an all-time favourite of every Indian which includes crunchy boondi along with pomegranate seeds, and fresh coriander. It also uses powdered sugar for an enhanced flavour accompanied by spices such as cumin powder and red chilli powder.

6) Mixed Fruit Raita

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This dish is special because it combines the goodness of all seasonal fruits like mango, pineapple, banana, and grapes. Just chop all the fruit and add it to curd along with mint chutney and tamarind chutney. Season this raita with black salt and cumin powder and serve it chilled.

Try these refreshing raita recipes for summer and enjoy the refreshing flavour with savoury comfort. You can optionally temper all the raita with hot oil and seeds, also you can include tamarind and mint chutney in every recipe for added flavour. In every way, these raita recipes will be the star of your meals.