8 Do's And Don'ts Of Organising Your Refrigerator Properly

No matter how big your refrigerator is, it will always be filled with food items, including food, vegetables, milk, juices, beverages, spices, cream, and whatnot. Sometimes people even forget what they have stored in the fridge until it goes bad and adds an odour to the appliance. The reason why the refrigerator mostly looks packed is because people do not keep it organised. 

Video Credit: Urban Rasoi/ YouTube

Most of the time, they make space to store something new. You move one vessel here and another container there, and you will have some space to store a jar. You need to keep the refrigerator organised for it to function well and keep food items fresh for a longer time. Here are a few tricks that can be helpful for you.

Don’t Forget To Track Leftovers

While organising the fridge, you must not forget to keep track of leftovers, including extra curry, half-cut veggies and an open milk carton. You must always keep them in the front so you know that must be used first in the kitchen before you make something new. It will prevent you from wasting food as well.

Do Line Shelves

Organising a refrigerator means making cleaning an easier task. You should like every shelf with reusable and low-maintenance sheets. If you accidentally spill anything on them, you can wipe it off using a paper towel or napkin. You can also remove them and scrub off the dirt, dust, and grime while keeping the shelves clean and brand new. 

Don’t Forget To Segregate

When you are organising the fridge, always segregate the food that would go on the top, medium, and bottom shelves. Meat needs more temperature for cooking, it should be stored on the bottom shelf. You must store fruits and vegetables in the bottom drawer where they will stay fresh and away from cross-contamination. Keep the top shelf for milk and dairy products for quick access.

Do Store Non-dairy Products In Fridge Door

The best place to store sauces, spreads, and other non-dairy condiments is the fridge door. It has little space that can be used to keep glass bottles safe. You can also use these spaces to store spices to prevent moisture from developing in them. You can use the last shelf of the refrigerator door to store water bottles.

Don’t Forget To Use Bins

Yes, a refrigerator is a big storage container that offers you the ability to keep food items fresh for a long, however, it can be only organised using smaller bins. You can use small containers to store vegetables, leftover dishes, and whatnot. It makes it easier to stack and use the space judiciously.

Don’t Keep Everything Inside The Fridge

You must accept that not everything in the kitchen belongs inside the refrigerator. Food items like onions, potatoes, honey, garlic, pears, apples, squash, sauces, and even tomatoes should be stored in the open space in your kitchen. 

Do Study Methods To Store Some Foods

Not everything is stored in the refrigerator in the same way. For example, you must store washed and dried berries in an airtight container lined with paper towels to avoid moisture. Herbs and greens must be stored in a sealed bag or container to maintain their nutritional value. You cannot keep half-cut bell peppers just like, they will go bad soon and spread an odour in the entire refrigerator.

Don’t Forget To Keep Baking Soda Inside The Fridge

One of the easiest ways to keep odour in the refrigerator at bay is to store an opened container of baking soda. It will keep the air fresh and prevent the smell from building up. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to replace the container every quarter.