7 Incredible Cream Cheese Substitutes You Need To Know
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One of the most versatile ingredients is cream cheese and some of the favourite treats, like cheesecake bars, red velvet cake, and cinnamon buns, are made with it as the base. And of course, without a schmear (German for spread), your bagel wouldn't taste the same.

But what would happen if you discovered that you were out of cream cheese when you opened your refrigerator? Perhaps panicking is what comes to mind initially. Simply inhale deeply instead. You don't have to change your plans for dinner or dessert or send someone scurrying to the grocery store.

Made from cow's milk and cream, cream cheese has a mild flavour and texture. Its smooth texture, moderate tanginess, and delicate sweetness make it incredibly adaptable. Cream cheese is different from other soft cheeses like Brie and Neufchâtel in that it is supposed to be eaten fresh and is not naturally matured. It is more like to mascarpone and Boursin in terms of texture, flavour, and manufacturing processes. Some other varieties of fresh cheese include feta, Oaxaca, halloumi, cottage cheese, ricotta, and more.

The US Food and Drug Administration states that typical cream cheese must have 33 percent milkfat and no more than 55 percent moisture.

7 Best Substitutes For Cream Cheese

Sour Cream

Pasteurised cream is fermented with lactic acid bacteria to produce sour cream, a thick, creamy dairy product. It is a great alternative to cream cheese in many dishes because of its velvety texture and slightly acidic flavour. Dips, sauces, and baked products like cakes and muffins can all be made with sour cream. It's also delicious as a taco or nacho topper.

You might, however, need to change the recipe's component ratios to account for the thinner consistency of sour cream when replacing cream cheese. If your recipe asks for one cup of cream cheese, for instance, you might only need three-quarters of a cup of sour cream.

Vegan Cream Cheese

Traditional cream cheese can be replaced with vegan cream cheese. Its creamy texture and tart flavour come from the use of plant-based components such as cashews, coconut oil, and nutritional yeast during production.

It works great in baking and culinary dishes that call for conventional cream cheese, as well as for spreading over toast or bagels. For an additional creamy texture, vegan cream cheese is also excellent added to sauces or dips.

Being low in saturated fat and cholesterol in comparison to dairy cream cheese is the nicest thing about vegan cream cheese. Plus, it has probiotics, which improve digestion and replenish your stomach with healthy microorganisms.

Neufchâtel Cheese

One of the best cheeses to replace cream cheese is neufchâtel. It is a spreadable French cheese that is frequently offered with the rind for sale alongside Brie and Camembert. However, like cream cheese, it's also sold in blocks.

It has a flavour and consistency that is almost exactly the same as cream cheese. It has fewer calories and fat, though.

It won't even be noticeable when used in any recipe that calls for cream cheese. Use half a cup of Neufchâtel cheese in place of half a cup of cream cheese.


Not quite as tangy and thick as cream cheese, the tangy mascarpone needs extra powdered sugar to make it thick when you need to substitute for cream cheese. You also won't have that distinguishing tang. However, it is rich and creamy, and it can be substituted with ease in cheesecake, cakes, and sauces.

It adds tenderness to cookies and works well in almost any recipe. Replace half of the cream cheese with half of the mascarpone. Squeeze in a little lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt to enhance the tanginess.

Silken Tofu

Silken tofu is a wonderful substitute for vegan meals. You can also use it to make vegan cheesecake.

Silken tofu, often known as Japanese-style tofu, is characterised by its delicate and spongy texture. It crumbles readily and is soft overall. Obviously, it won't be as thick as cream cheese. Again, start with a small quantity and increase as needed. Replace 1/2 cup of cream cheese with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of blended silken tofu.

Cottage Cheese

In the realm of dairy products, cottage cheese has always been a darling. It's a versatile ingredient that's low in fat and high in protein and due to that, it could serve as a healthy dessert option. Because of its subtle flavour, it won't dominate the other ingredients in your recipe.

Cottage cheese must be smoothed out with the addition of lemon juice to make it tangy. However, it's an excellent choice for frosting and enhancing the nutritional value of cream cheese dishes.

Use 1/2 cup of blended cottage cheese in place of 1/2 cup of cream cheese.

Greek Yoghurt

If you want to eat healthier and add more nutrients to your meals, Greek yoghurt is a great option. Not only is it somewhat tangy, but it has more calcium, vitamin B12, and protein.

The texture is similar, but somewhat thinner than cream cheese. It's more like sour cream, and full-fat yoghurt yields the best results since it's thicker.

For baking, try draining some of the extra water. Simply take a cheesecloth or line a strainer with paper towels and let it drain. Replace 1/2 cup of cream cheese with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Greek yoghurt.