8 Delicious Shrikhand Flavours To Explore This Summer

Shrikhand is an Indian favourite dessert; it's sweet and yummy, delicious, and garnished with saffron. Its tasty, thick, and creamy texture is the main attraction. Take strained yoghurt and blend it until you get that creamy, melting-away feel in your mouth. The natural flavour of shrikhand is enhanced with an admixture of cardamom, saffron, and sugar that imparts a sweet and appealing aroma to it. 

This delicacy, refrigerated and shared just before the end of a meal, indeed makes it a signature for occasions and lunch-ends. This dessert, one of the most exquisite dishes in Indian cuisine, is a mixture of sweetness and creaminess.

Know about some different flavours of this well-known dessert, shrikhand:

1. Amarkhand: 

Amarkhand, also known as mango shrikhand, is known for its taste; yoghurt is strained, and the pureed mango is added along with sugar. The mixture is blended until it is smooth. And the dessert will be preserved to let the flavours out. While Amrakhand has been traditionally served cold, it is garnished either with crushed nuts, dried fruits, or saffron. This cream flavour, smooth texture and sweet taste of mango from the tropics make it a beloved treat to mark off memorable culinary experiences as well as hot days of summer. It is a stable, tasty and light choice for the end of a meal.

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2. Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand: 

Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand is a delicious Indian delicacy known for its rich flavour and smooth texture. It is made by combining strained yoghurt with cardamom (elaichi) and saffron (kesar), giving it a fragrant and aromatic profile. The cardamom lends a warming note, and the saffron gives it a golden hue. It takes careful churning to get the velvety, smooth texture. This decadent dessert is usually served cold and topped with slivered almond or pistachio nuts. With its well-balanced combination of sweet, fragrant, and creamy flavours, Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand serves as a rich and sugary meal's climax.

3. Strawberry Shrikhand: 

Strawberry Shrikhand is a delightful and mouth-watering dessert prepared from thick, luscious yoghurt and a mix of the best strawberries, accomplished with yoghurt. The dish comes out simply perfect by mixing up some plain yoghurt with strawberry mash, as the dish happens to be creamy pink. It is the customary way to eat it once it has been cooled. Add chopped nuts to bring a crunchy or joyful effect, and then sprinkle the shredded strawberries. Obtaining a sweet and tart aftertaste, a cold, refreshing Indian dessert emerges as the final taste compliment to a summery hot meal.

4. Badam Pista Shrikhand: 

Badam Pista Shrikhand, the Royal Indian Dessert,  is known for its smooth texture and deep flavour. The formation of this authentic dessert began with the mixing of granulated sugar in strained yoghurt, producing a smooth and nutty texture that, in turn, came from the addition of almonds and pistachios. Combining the best of almonds' natural crunchiness and nutty taste with cardamom, which is rich in almonds, a perfect harmony was created. Badam pista Shrikhand, when served cool, is an absolute blend of royalty.

5. Rajbhog Shrikhand: 

Rajbhog Shrikhand has become well-reputed for its dense consistency and divine sweetness. Fresh yoghurt is strained to get rid of the excess water, which gives it a thick consistency. Dessert is flavoured with cardamom, sweetened with sugar and garnished with saffron for the appeal of royalty. Rajbhog shrikhand is usually served cold, usually after the main meal. This dish becomes unique as the rajbhog, a well-known sweet, is added to the dish, which takes the flavour to a different level. This delicacy can be served with a topping of nuts.

6. Rose Shrikhand: 

Rose Shrikhand has a thick, creamy texture and a faintly floral taste, thereby making you feel yummier. These could be obtained by blending yoghurt with refreshing floral-scented water or essence. The resulting dessert would be a pleasing combination of sweet and delicate aromas. Garnished with optional almonds or pistachios for crunch. The pleasant rose shrikhand is usually devoured separately or with puris. Through its exceptional aptitude for blending rose essence with shrikhand richness, it captivates the taste buds and satisfies them.

7. Jamun Shrikhand: 

Jamun Shrikhand contains a purple colour that comes from the addition of ripe jamun (Indian blackberry) pulp. The complex features of the palate are influenced by the artistic way the sour and sweet flavours are blended together with the richness typical of yoghurt. The mixture is passed through a strainer to achieve a creamy and smooth result. In order to do that, prepare a mixture of plain yoghurt with sour or a combination of sweet and aromatic spices, sugar, and what is considered to be the best-tasting jamun pulp. Here, this beautiful variety of mixed-berry shrikhand is not only delectable and catchy to the eye but also speaks of the Indian summer season with its resplendent taste of fresh Indian blackberries. Serve it chilled as a first course.

8. Dry Fruit Shrikhand: 

Raisins or dried fruits are used to make a creamy and sweet Indian dish called dry fruit shrikhand. This dish has a nutty taste. This sweet is produced by mixing sugar, saffron, and chopped dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and pistachios with strained yoghurt. It has a crunchy texture and a lovely flavour. Dry fruit shrikhand is ideally made with unsalted curd and other seasonings, served chilled with nuts on top for more colour and texture. This delicious dessert is present at every festival, and people like to have it at the end of a special dinner because it is sweet and has the right nutty edge.